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  • Anti Fungal Anti Mildew protective coating durable acrylic paint buildings HVAC ducts.

AntiFungal Coating

Anti Fungi Anti Mildew protective elastomeric mastic coating.
Engineered with the synergy of tough acrylic resin and containing EPA registered Anti Fungal Anti Microbial additives to yield a high performance protective coating. Prevents long term spread of harmful microbes, mildew, mold, fungus. Resists the growth and spread of spores, bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus on the surfaces where the coating is applied. Safe, durable, effective on interior or exterior walls, tiles, ceilings, pipes, HVAC equipment, ducts, machinery.
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High build elastomeric, protective mastic coating, formulated and manufactured by USSC at its production facility in Atlanta GA. AirDeFender is easy to apply, low odor, low VOC, tough acrylic coating that incorporates long term anti fungal, anti mildew, anti mold growth properties when applied correctly on properly prepared substrates. Extremely durable and will not breakdown under long term use or weathering. Coverage is 80 square feet per gallon or 1.25 gallons per 100 square feet. For problematic substrates or special exposure conditions we recommend our AirDeFender primer. For galvanized metal, aluminum and other metal surfaces we recommend our DTM ( direct to metal ) AirDefender.

  • Contains EPA registered ingredients.
  • Ready to Spray ( RTS ), No need for thinning. Easy to apply.
  • Safe, tough, durable, low odor, low VOC, Acrylic resin base protective coating Formula.
  • Has extremely good adhesion and durability on most clean properly prepared substrates.
  • Effectively resists the growth and controls the spread of mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, harmful spores.
  • Good or interior or exterior use. Protect HVAC duct systems, walls, pipes, ceilings, basements, closets.
  • Formulated and MADE IN THE USA.
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