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  • Aerosol paint remover to remove lines logos signs paintings from synthetic field turf athletic fields.
  • remove lines from synthetic turf fields with aerosol can spray remover
    Aerosol cans to remove paint lines from synthetic turf fields.
  • Aerosol paint remover synthetic field turf spray wand.
    Install aerosol paint remover in the spray wand.
  • spray remover on paint lines to be removed on synthetic field turf.
    Press trigger on hand wand to spray remover on the paint.
  • Spray remover paint line synthetic turf field painted lines.
    Spray application can also be done without use of wand.
  • remover soak agitate rinse paint water synthetic field turf.
    Let remover soak for 5 mins then agitate, rinse with water.
  • Rinse water paint synthetic field turf paint lines.
    Rinse gently with water to completely remove paint.

STRIPWORKS aerosol paint remover

Paint remover, stripper to washoff unwanted paint from synthetic turf.
Easy to use, conveniently packaged in aerosol cans. Paint remover / paint stripper to wash off unwanted, old misapplied unknown paints lines or to remove intentionally applied field marking paints from synthetic turf athletic fields

Priced by the case. Twelve 20 ounce cans per case.

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Formulated and manufactured by USSC, this water-based formula is conveniently packaged in ready to spray upside down cans that are designed to remove unwanted, old paint lines from synthetic artificial field turf. It will not hurt or damage the synthetic turf filaments or the rubber and the infield sand filler. As with any chemical please wear protective gear to prevent getting the product or the product splatter on skin and eyes. Wear protective gloves, safety eyes glasses and appropriate shoes when applying or scrubbing the paint with this product. The aerosol cans are designed to fit and spray with wand applicators or the 4 wheel aerosol spray machines manufactured and supplied by USSC. Shake the cans till the ball rattles then install the can in the machine. Press the trigger on the machine and spray the remover on the paint that needs to be removed. Let it soak for a few minutes to penetrate and start loosing up the paint. Then apply slight agitation to speed up removal. Before the remover-paint mixture dries, rinse and flush with water. The unwanted paint should be removed with one good application. For tough, hard to remove paints a second application, scrubbing and rinsing might be necessary.

  • As with any chemical use proper personal protection. Gloves, Protective eye glasses, proper shoes.
  • Keep remover away from skin, eyes and body contact.
  • Water based formulation. Safe, Low odor.
  • Shake the aerosol cans properly. They are designed to spray in USSC wands and 4 wheel spray machines.
  • Use stiff bristle broom or a power scrubber for agitation.
  • Water-miscible, can easily be washed off with water.
  • Safe for use on all types of artificial turf, synthetic filament athletic field surfaces .
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