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Select Premium Infield Conditioner
Uniformly sized red granules performs as a perfect infield topdressing.
This premium infield conditioner keeps infields smooth, safe and resilient. it's specially uniformly sized granules and red color makes the perfect infield top dressing. To place an ORDER for chalk bags, marking paint, chalk liner or paint striper call 1-800-2-STRIPE or 1-800-278-7473.
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Pro's Choice Select Top Dressing is a montmorillonite clay that has been thermally optimized to create a uniform particle intended to be laid on top of the playing surface of an infield as a Top Dressing.

The design philosophy behind using calcined clay as a top dressing focuses on good Moisture Retention, Uniform Particles, and Dust Control.

Light red in color, Pro's Choice Select Top Dressing gives an infield the professional look and feel that all coaches and players require. When laid on the surface of an infield, this premium calcined clay keeps infields smooth, safe and resilient. This material is at its best when used as a Top Dressing, as it decreases dust, improves color, and helps control excess moisture.

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