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  • ground markers plastic socket to layout soccer fields lower price than bsn
  • Positions of ground markers on soccer field.
    Positions of permanent ground markers on soccer field.
  • soccer field ground markers
    Close-up view of LP permanent soccer field ground markers.
  • install soccer field ground markers
    Step1 : Using the pipe tool provided, start a pilot hole.
  • dig holes first to install markers ground sockets for soccer fields.
    Dig hole atleast 7 inches deep with the pilot hole tool.
  • insert soccer field ground sockets markers
    Remove pilot tool and insert the ground socket in its place.
  • push soccer field ground socket in ground.
    Install the marker push-down tool in the cavity of the socket.
  • hammer push field marker in ground
    Using a hammer or a rubber mallet push the marker down.
  • soccer field ground marker socket installed.
    View of the ground marker socket pushed flush to ground level.
  • tool to install ground markers for soccer fields.
    Once marker is flush to the ground remove the push tool.
  • caps soccer field ground socket markers.
    Install caps on the top of the cavity of the LP ground markers.
  • cap colors for soccer field markers ground sockets,
    Caps for the LP ground sockets are available in several colors.
  • painting lines soccer fields using string lines.
    When painting lines, remove the cap and install the lining peg.
  • lining peg soccer field ground marker socket.
    Lining peg used to install string from one marker to another.
  • install string ground markers soccer field line marking painting white lines
    Lining peg used to install string from one marker to another.
  • use string twine to paint line soccer field.
    Pull the string tight from one LP ground socket to another.
  • string guide to paint straight lines on soccer field ground markers.
    Use the string as a guide to paint straight lines every time.
  • stripe straight white lines soccer field machine ground markers.
    Stripe straight bright lines with USSC paint, machines, markers.
  • soccer field LP 25 plastic ground marker mark smart socket kit to buy.

LP-25 soccer field ground sockets

Soccer field permanent ground sockets layout marking kit.
Extremely durable plastic ground sockets that can be permanently installed on relevant points on a soccer field. Once you put them in the ground your important reference points are set. You can use these when the lines fade or when you show up next season. No need to spend ours laying out fields or guesswork when marking straight lines on soccer fields.
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  • Complete soccer field marking kit.
  • Includes 25 ground sockets with plugs, 8 lining pegs, 1 socket setter, installation tool and twine.
  • Everything needed to set permanent reference points for a regulation soccer field is included in the kit.
  • Excellent tool to paint soccer field lines accurately and straight every time.
  • Ground Markers stay safe permanently in the ground and are lawn mower safe.
  • Saves time and effort to remeasure multiple soccer fields every season.
  • Need more information a recommendation or to place an ORDER call 1-800-278-7473 or 1-800-2-STRIPE.

Soccer Markers Diagram