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  • Golf course marking aerosol paint grass turf fairway hazard drop zone out of bound bright durable white colors.
  • Golf course marking paint.
    UMA tip to spray narrow lines for Golf Course Markings.
  • Colors upside down aerosol golf course marking paints manufacturer.
    USSC manufactures SUPERIOR QUALITY golf course paints.
  • Golf course marking paint used by prestigious golf courses.
    Used by numerous prestigious golf courses.
  • Top paint brands for golf course marking paints durability recognize
    EcoStripe, DuraStripe are recognized for their DURABILITY.
  • Custom color for golf course crowd control hazard out of bounds line marking.
    Custom color - AUGUSTA GREEN - for crowd control lines.
  • paint for golf course marking putting golf greens.
    Tested, approved, recommended, by many golf organizations.
  • Custom color or custom shade match for golf course painting.
    USSC can match and make any custom color or shade.
  • Golf course marking paint that will not kill brown damage green putting grass
    USSC paints will not hurt, damage, kill or turn grass brown.
  • manufacturer of top quality golf course paints dyes supplies stencils accessories
    Call 1-800-2-STRIPE for golf course marking paints, stencils.
  • yellow golf course marking paint courses tournaments.
    Specified by many prestigious courses for tournaments.
  • out of bounds marking paint logos for golf course directly from manufacturer
    Logo painted with USSC custom stencil / USSC custom paints.
  • red white yellow blue green custom color golf course marking logo paints.
    CUSTOM STENCILS / PAINTS 1-800-278-7473, 1-800-2-STRIPE
  • golf course paint stenci painted
    US flag being painted on golf course with USSC paint, stencil.
  • Golf course marking paint stencil
    USSC paint and stencil.
  • US flag painted with USSC stencil aerosol paint on golf course fairway PGA tournament.
    US flag painted at a prestigious PGA tournament.
  • custom made stencil golf course name logo paint.
    We provide paint, stencils for painting logos on golf courses.
  • Painting custom logos for golf course tournaments.
    Custom logos for golf tournaments.
  • Golf Course Drop Zone Marking aerosol marking paint cans.
    Bright, Durable, safe for grass, drop zone marking Paint.
  • Spray yellow marking paint for golf courses.
    Yellow Golf Course Hazard Marking Paint with Spray Wand.
  • Brightest durable Marking Yellow paint.
    Brightest, most Durable, Yellow Hazard Marking Paint.
  • Bright Yellow water hazard golf course marking paint.
    Easily mark water hazards with the most DURABLE paint.
  • Durable bright paint for marking golf course water hazard.
    Formulated not to hurt the grass and will not fade.
  • Out of Bounds Golf course marking white paint.
    White Paint, to mark, out of bounds, on golf courses.
  • White Golf Course Drop Zone Marking Paints.
    Unlike competitors, USSC paints will not turn grass brown.
  • Golf course drop area white marking paint.
    DURASTRIPE is safe to use on putting green grass.
  • Golf course paint
  • Golf Course Hazard Marking Paints.
  • Red Yellow Golf Course Hazard Marking Paints.
    Red, Yellow, golf course hazard marking paints.
  • direct from manufacturer the best Golf course aerosol marking paints.
    Direct from manufacturer THE BEST PAINT for golf courses.
  • Bright Durable Golf Course marking paints for hazard markings.
    Bright Red, Durable golf course marking paint.
  • covering reparing damaged brown divot spots with aerosol can turf green
    BEFORE - repairing damaged grass spots with TURF GREEN
  • grass turf repair golf course using green aerosol paint color brown damaged spots.
    AFTER - spot repair with DuraStripe Turf Green aerosol paint.
  • Red Golf course marking paint.
    Red Golf Course Marking Paints.
  • Green Golf Course Fairway Yardage Marking Paints.
    Green Golf Course Fairway Yardage Marking Paint.
  • Bright White Durable golf course aerosol fairway yardage marking paint cans.
    White Golf Course Fairway Yardage Marking Paints.
  • Blue Golf course aerosol yardage marking paints.
    Blue Golf Course Yardage Marking Paints.
DURASTRIPE golf course paint
Golf course marking paint, safe durable hazard line marking paint.
Golf course marking paints manufactured by USSC. Top Quality, extremely Bright, exceptional Durability, upside down aerosol marking paint for marking of lateral hazards, water hazards, drop zones, out of bounds lines, logos, yardage numbers, signs and more. Available in Bright White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Turf Green. Tested, Approved, Recommended and used by PGA & PGA of America, USGA and many prestigious Golf Course Organization and golf courses.

Priced by the case-Twelve cans per case. 20oz. by vol, 18oz. by weight.

  • High-volume/established Customers please call us for special pricing.
  • Being a Manufacturer we strive to offer the BEST PAINT! at the BEST PRICE!
  • To locate a USSC sales rep. or a Distributor in your area, Please call us toll free.
  • We can match any Paint-Coating-Primer-Sealer-Janitorial Product.
  • Want to distribute USSC products or be a sales rep. Please contact us.

Formulated and manufactured by USSC at its production facility in Atlanta GA, DURASTRIPE aerosols are safe for the environment and the user. DuraStripe has the lowest VOC’s Volatile Organic Compounds and the highest percent solids and is Brighter than any paint in its category. It will not harm, kill or brown any type of natural grass. DuraStripe sprays crisp, sharp lines, cans will empty completely, and they will not clog! Packaged as twelve 20 ounce by volume, 18 ounces by weight cans per case with a divider between cans for extra safety.

DURASTRIPE UMA golf course paint is fitted with narrow, cylindrical " UMA " tips and tear away spray cap. Unlike our regular "T" tips that spray a wide line these the UMA tips are designed to spray narrow lines that are useful for marking perfect professional looking lines on golf courses. Need more information, we have several qualified customer care representatives who can help. Feel free to call our toll free number.

DURASTRIPE UMA is available in Brightest White, Red, Blue, Yellow and over 80 brilliant colors. We can Custom match any color if required. Use our Turf Green aerosol paint to quickly and easily cover-up patches of dead or dormant grass, sprinkler head repair, dead grass due to hydraulic leaks or excessive fertilizer sprays or spills and wrong applications or markings.

  • Tested, Approved, Recommended and used by PGA & PGA of America.
  • Tested, Approved, Recommended and used by USGA.
  • Only paint Exclusively used by several other golf associations and many prestigious golf courses.
  • Used by several international golf associations and international golf tours.
  • Exclusively specified by numerous government agencies.
  • Environmentally friendly, safe for all variety of grass and surfaces.
  • Will not kill, damage or kill any variety of natural grass.
  • Extremely Durable, Low VOC’S, High Solids.
  • Video link shows the proper way to install the UMA aerosol cans in the hand-held long spray wand. https://youtu.be/sKPec8bSqMc
  • Formulated and MADE IN THE USA.
  • Need more information, a recommendation or to ORDER call 1-800-278-7473 or 1-800-2-STRIPE.

Link to USSC complete line of Golf Course Products ( 2018 Golf Catalog ) http://usscproducts.com/golf/

Available Colors

Fluorescent Red
Colt Gray
Vandy Gold
Las Vegas Gold
Old Gold
F-T Orange
Syracuse Orange
Cardinal Red
Royal Purple
Navy Blue
Tar Hill Blue
H.C. Blue
Royal Blue
Turf Green
Fluorescent Green

DURASTRIPE golf course paint TDS ( Technical Data Sheet )

DURASTRIPE golf course paint SDS 2016 ( Safety Data Sheet )

Custom colors requires a minimum order. Please call us at 800-278-7473 for more details.

Click to view our custom colors