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  • Concrete Floor finish base coat first coat primer tough clear coat strippable.
  • Base coat Intersealer, top coat of Titanium at VA hospital.


Strippable acrylic primer base coat for concrete, terrazo, marble floors.
Low odor, high performance clear polymer coating specially formulated to work as a primer, base-coat when applied directly to a floor surface. Designed and tested to be over-coated with traditional floor finishes-polish-wax that provide better durability, black mark and scuff resistant. INTERSEALER has excellent bonding to terrazzo, terra cotta, linoleum, marble, cement and yet this tough, durable finish is completely strippable.

priced by the gallon. Packaged in 1 gallon or 5 gallon containers.

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INTERSEALER is an enhanced bonding agent, clear finish base-coat primer that is formulated by experienced USFT's Research and Development Chemists at its laboratory and test floor facility in Alpharetta. GA. INTERSEALER is available as standard 18% solids and as INTERSEALER HS ( high solids ) at 30 % solids. Apply directly to floor substrate as a bond enhancer, primer, base coat. Use on pure vinyl, terrazzo, terra cotta, linoleum, marble, cement floors, Low odor, Dries fast, clear film, soaks into worn floors and promotes a uniform look. This product resists crazing, cracking and flaking on terrazzo floors and is completely strippable. Can be overcoated-topcoated with most permanent and strippable floor finishes. Not designed to perform as a top-coat, wearing-surfaces.

  • High performance primer, works great as base-coat for specialty flooring applications.
  • Easy to use, Easy to spread, Low odor, Easy to topcoat. Easy to strip.
  • Can be forced fried with a fan. Forms a clear, even, non-yellowing film when dry.
  • Not designed as a top coat, wear surface. Designed to be top-coated.
  • Primer, bonding base-coat on pure vinyl, terrazzo, terra cotta, linoleum, marble, cement floors.
  • Available as standard 18 % solids version or INTERSEALER HS ( high solids ) 30 % solids version.
  • Reasonably priced from manufacturer-chemists who formulate and are involved in production.
  • We are experts at formulating, production of floor finishes, We can custom formulate if needed.
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