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  • PleeFix field markers
  • 25 field markers installation tool safety cap instructions
    25 markers, installation tool, safety cap, instructions.
  • athletic football soccer field markers yellow white blue red color filaments
    Base made from recycled plastic. Tufts in several colors.
  • installation pleefix athletic field plastic markers iron mallet tool
    Only Installation tool needed is a iron mallet.
  • push marker with hand then with installation tool.
    Push marker 3/4 inch in the soil by hand then with tool.
  • placing install plastic marker in gound of athletic field.
    Place driving tool with the safety cap over the spiral base.
  • hammer athletic field marker in the ground.
    With tool over the fibers, cautiously push the marker in.
  • pleefix markers field marking measurement layout tool athletic fields
    Place the DRIVING TOOL with the SAFETY CAP over the cone.
  • push plastic field marker in the ground.
    Push the marker, till the stop mark on the tool.
  • push marker in ground to the proper depth.
    Push marker in the ground to the proper depth.
  • pour sand between the tufts filaments plastic ground athletic field markers.
    To fill any gaps, pour sand between the fibers of the marker.
  • athletic field markers final step installation
    Gently compact the fibers with the head of the iron mallet.
  • field markers installation done mower safe durable recycled plastic
    Installation done. Will last for several seasons. Mower safe.
  • football field plastic markers layout measure install in ground safe markings
    50 markers are needed to mark a FOOTBALL FIELD.
  • plastic_markers_soccer_field_layout_measurements_painting
    25 field markers are needed to mark a SOCCER FIELD.
  • baseball_softball_field_ground_markers_plastic_filament
    25 markers for BASEBALL or SOFTBALL FIELDS.
  • plastic markers colors for lacrosse field marking layout painting
    20 markers are needed to mark a LACROSSE FIELD.
  • hockey field plastic markers installed in ground.
    30 markers are need to mark a HOCKEY FIELD.
  • plastic filament markers to mark points on rugby field.
    20 markers are needed to mark a RUGBY FIELD.
  • markers installed to mark events track and field.
    PLeeFix markers on track and field grounds.
  • markers plastic mark points on golf courses.
    PLeeFix markers on golf courses.

PleeFix field markers

Athletic ground marking, permanent tool layout system for athletic fields.
PLeeFix™ athletic field ground marking tool is installed in the soil at line intersections, or, on lines on football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, rugby, grass sports fields. Its different color coded synthetic grass tufts are synthetic fibers set on a tough recycled polypropylene spiral cone base. Once installed on a natural grass sports fields, the white, red, blue or yellow tufts are still visible and used as reference points on the athletic fields after the field paint has faded out.

$ 165 per kit. 25 markers plus installation tool per kit.

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USSC is a very successful paint manufacturing company headquartered in Atlanta GA, USA. USSC been manufacturing and supplying top quality, high performance athletic field marking paint for striping lines and logos for the past 30 years. Whenever we see an opportunity to make life easy for athletic field ground care professionals we do so. PLeeFix™ athletic field layout kit does an excellent job of keeping the reference points of various types and sizes of athletic fields intact. Even though we do not manufacture this product we are glad to offer it to make striping athletic fields less stressful and to save time and resources.

  • Tough, durable, UV stable filaments made out of recycled plastic.
  • Top plastic filaments available in several colors to distinguish between different points, locations and boundaries.
  • Layout football, soccer, baseball, rugby, field hockey athletic fields.
  • 25 ground markers, installation tool, packaged in a compact box.
  • No tools needed for installation, just a iron mallet.
  • Accurately measure and layout your athletic field once, no need to repast this task again.
  • Save time, effort, aggravation and money with this easy to use field marker system.
  • Have any further questions or to place an order please call us toll free at 1-800-278-7473 or 1-800-2-STRIPE.

PLeeFiX™ - Sport Uses
The PLeeFix™ marker is a ground marking tool that is planted in the soil at line intersections or on lines on football, soccer, lacrosse, hockey and rugby fields. Its different color-coded synthetic grass tufts, of organic origin, are UV-resistant synthetic fibers set on a tough recycled polypropylene spiral cone base.


Fifty PLeeFixTM markers are needed to cover all the side lines on a US and Canadian football field assuming that only the 5 yard lines are marked on both sides' lines of the field. More can be placed on the field depending upon high school, college, or professional fields.

Twenty-five PLeeFixTM markers are needed to cover all the intersections and the two penalty spots. The measurements must be made from inside the penalty spots, not outside.

Because line markings are complex in Lacrosse, we recommend 2 PLeeFix™ markers for the end lines, 2 for the remaining lines, four to draw the center circle, and for the Defense and Attack areas, a minimum of 20 PLeeFix™ markers as shown.

There are different types of hockey fields so these recommendations are for informational purposes only. It is felt that a minimum of 30 PLeeFix™ markers™ with a maximum of 46 PLeeFix™ markers are needed on a hockey field, 18 on the side lines, 2 on the penalty spots, 10 in the goal area depending upon whether the quarter circles are marked or not.

The use of 25 PLeeFix ™ markers will nicely cover a rugby league field at the goal lines, the 20 meter lines, the 10 meter lines and on the touch lines. More PLeeFix™ markers may be installed depending upon on whether dead ball lines marked and whether broken lines are marked.

Twenty three to twenty nine PLeeFixTM markers may be used on a baseball field.


PLeeFix™ markers are usually used on a discretionary basis by each golf course. Some uses: Grounds under Repair, Front and Lateral obstacles, distances, starting blocks for men, women, seniors, children, out of bounds, underground water pipes and / or electrical cables, winter greens, etc.