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                                 Aerosol Striping Machines
Perfect for traffic lines on parking lots, warehouses, synthetic turf fields or baseball field sidelines. 8 inch wheels.
This striping machine is perfect for everyday field striping. It’s 10” diameter wheels make for a smooth roll and less effort.
This machine is equipped with large diameter ALL TERRAIN wheels that roll smoothly and maneuver easily over rough field conditions.
This machine was designed for spraying two cans at opposite angles, covering both sides of the grass blades in a single pass.
The unique wide handle machine offers more stability while reducing user fatigue. Perfect for multi-field striping.
SHARP STRIPE Striping machines are compact, sturdy and easy to use. Designed for use with “T” tip aerosol paint cans. Perfect for traffic lines on parking lots, warehouses and painting lines on natural or synthetic athletic fields.
• All metal construction is durable, sturdy & easy to roll.
• Designed to spray 1 can 90 degrees down and store 12 cans
• Adjustable spray cable tension for cans and tips of different types • All of our machines will accommodate 18 - 26 oz. cans
• Adjustable deck for desired spray width
• Compact, foldable for easy storage & transport
All Terrain Machines have wide axles for better stability and a smoother roll.
  USSC “T” Spray Tip
Aerosol Field Marking cans come standard with a custom “T” spray tip for crisp, wide athletic field lines.

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