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                                  Bulk Marking Paint
for Natural Surfaces
Our flagship water-based athletic field marking paint available in various concentrations in 1-to-5 gallon containers. Some dilute with up to 4 parts water. Non-combustible, non- clogging, non-settling, low odor and low VOC. Safer for the environment and the user. Safe for all varieties of natural grass. Available in dozens of vibrant colors with custom color-matches available quickly.
     #1 Standard
#2B Select
#4B Premium
 Entry level, bid grade, bulk field marking paint designed
for practice field applications, or where budget is a factor. AquaStripe Standard performs as good if not better than most expensive bulk field paint offered by other companies.
Economical choice, high quality, provides excellent coverage, good whiteness, durability and performance. Recommended when applicator does not want to thin the paint. A great choice for high schools, parks & recreation departments and soccer clubs. If needed it can easily be thinned with equal parts of water.
Good choice for Collegiate, High School, and recreational athletic fields. Coaches appreciate its extra brightness, whiteness, hiding power and ease of use. It’s a high solids, concentrated formula that can be sprayed as is, or can easily be diluted with 2-3 parts water.

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