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                                    DuraStripeXL Fat Can
26 oz. Fat Can contains 44 % more paint than standard DuraStripe cans.
• More efficient, save time & money
• XL cans completely empties without clogging • Twelve 26 oz. by weight cans per case
Reflective, high performance marking paint for athletic surfaces. Paint bright, durable, reflective lines and logos on Soccer, Football, Lacrosse and Baseball fields. Contains extra brighteners for ultimate daytime reflectivity and nighttime visibility.
EcoStripe ( Water-Based )
Eco-friendly, water-based line marking paint for athletic fields and golf courses.
• High performance, eco-friendly & economical
• Safe for use on all varieties of natural grass or synthetic turf • Available in white and several bright, durable colors
Perma-Turf Paint
Safely mark permanent lines, logos or green out existing lines on synthetic field turf with our extremely durable Perma-Turf aerosol paint. Available in bright white and 27 standard colors.
• Safe for use as permanent marking paint on all synthetic surfaces
SprayChalk ( Temporary )
Temporary and completely removable marking chalk for synthetic turf fields, asphalt & concrete.
• Easily removable without the use of a strong remover
• Removes completely from synthetic turf fields, no ghosting • Available in bright white and several vibrant colors
Stripe-X ( Removable )
A true removable water base paint that’s easy to use and safe for all substrates. This paint contains proprietary resin binders that wrinkle and become loose when STRIPE-X or PAINTOFF remover is applied. The remover is not a petroleum based solvent but contains water-based chemicals that break up the binder and allows the coating to come apart.

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