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                                 Aerosol Marking Paint
for Natural Surfaces
Our top selling product is brighter and more durable than any paint in its class. Zero side-effects on natural grass. Universal spray tip for crisp, sharp lines in all applications. No stains on clothing when dry. Dozens of colors in stock, including fluorescents, with custom color-matching available. Low Odor, Lowest VOC ( Volatile Organic Compounds ), Highest percent Solids.
• Non-clogging. Cans will empty completely
• Safe for the user, environment and all varieties of grass
• Extremely Durable, will not wash away with rain and elements • Bright White and in 100 vivid colors
USSC “T” Spray Tip
Aerosol Field Marking cans come standard with a custom “T” spray tip for crisp, wide athletic field lines.
    Pantone Color Chart

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