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                                   The ABI Force is a revolutionary, zero turn, self-propelled machine packed with “purpose-built” features and attachments designed specifically for infields. It eliminates the need to rely on bunker rakes created for the golf industry. The ABI Force is built to give you the control necessary to prepare and maintain the safest and most playable infields possible.
The Mid and Rear Mount attachments have been designed by leading industry professionals. As a result, ABI Sports Turf has re-imagined attachment design to ensure that all three phases of proper infield maintenance can be achieved with just one machine. Now you can quick-swap between attachments that groom, prepare, and renovate to maintain the most pristine playing surfaces or reclaim long neglected, weed-covered fields.
While the ABI Force is foremost a commercial-grade infield groomer, it is also the facility manager’s most versatile sports turf machine. The ABI Force excels at reducing soil compaction, spreading seed, leveling, managing weeds, fertilizing, spreading conditioner, cutting clean edges, plug aerating, and maintaining gravel. Simply add these available attachments to maximize your return on investment.
Precision Maneuverability
• The ABI Force has a zero turn chassis that provides industry leading efficiency and control. This maneuverability means significantly less time to complete tasks and improve results
Unparalleled Control
• The patented hydraulic spring system gives the operator unparalleled, fine-tuned control of attachments for all varieties of finesse and aggressive field work
      Newstripe’s Infield Groomers feature adjustable cutting depth, drag and roller height positions. Their versatility can address a wide variety of field conditions and maintenance levels. Backed by our 36-month warranty, all feature industrial components and are built with the heaviest material for years of service.
Dirt DoctorTM
The 4’ and 6’ wide Dirt Doctor models are our heaviest units requiring full-sized tractors and use a 3-point hitch for serious reconditioning up to a 3” depth. Reversible harrow teeth and our unique pulverizer bar with drag section and compacting roller can break up hard packed material, remove grass clumps and leave a playable surface in one pass. Add the optional Finishing Broom for a more refined surface.
Dirt Doctor JrTM
Designed for compact tractors or 4WD utility vehicles, the 4’ wide Dirt Doctor Jr features the same type pulverizer bar and drag as the larger Dirt Doctor plus, No Tool height changes. This groomer features an industrial grade tongue jack with swivel caster and optional Finishing Broom.
Dirt MedicTM
Break up packed surfaces, level ridges and ruts, and finish broom with the 4’ wide Dirt Medic. Built with the durability of our larger units, but weighing less than 200 lbs, the Dirt Medic can be pulled with garden tractors, ATV’s or light utility vehicles. A simple hand crank adjusts angles of both the harrow teeth and planing blade simultaneously The teeth may be completely raised to use just the blade and/ or broom.
Nail Drags
3’ and 5’ widths break up compacted soil for improved drainage. Includes wheel kit that allows for depth adjustment and easy transportation.

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