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                                Baseball Accessories
    Original Hollywood Bases®
• Natural rubber cover and steel stanchion withstand heavy use
• Tapered-lip, ground-hugging feature prevents the base edges from turning up
• Modular design allows easy replacement of worn-out parts
• 15 in. width x 15 in. length x 3 in.
Adams Bolco 100-ML Base
• Vinyl cover withstands hard, repeated impacts from cleated feet
• Bonded polyurethane padding absorbs some of the shock from slides
• Bases secure in place with bolted-on top plates and anchors
• Regulation 15 in. width x 15 in. depth x 3 in.
MacGregor® dbl. First Base
• Molded rubber construction
• Double-base design helps minimize collision
• Two included ground anchors keep the bag firmly
planted in the ground
• Simulated quilted top provides an authentic look
without any stitches that could possibly catch on cleats
Schutt Double First Base
• Kwik-ReleaseTM double first base disengages completely when enough force hits the base, but the orange base remains anchored to the ground
• Size - 15” x 15” x 2 1/4 - 2 3/4”
• Ground plugs and anchors sold separately
SoftTouchTM Release Base
• Molded one-piece construction
• Designed to flex and absorb impact energy
• Progressive-release base pops free of its mount
when met with the force of short, hard slides
• Included mount keeps the base firmly mounted in
the ground through every inning
Magnetic Super Base
• Base disengages from its anchor when hit with enough force from a slide
• Ribbed base cover reduces the risk of slipping
• Rubber base cover and steel stanchion pan
• Three interchangeable plates allow adjustment of
holding strength to adapt to players’ age and skill level
Waffle-Style Home Plate
• Bright white color and black edges provide a reliable target for the pitcher
• In-ground design stays in place play after play for less maintenance between innings
• Rubber construction holds up to aggressive running and sliding to last for seasons to come
• Water-resistant material and non-skid surface
Wood-Filled Home Plate
• Solid wood filling endures repeated plays at the dish
• Black beveled edges and sides keep players safe by
reducing the chance of cleats catching as they make it
• Official size is 3 in. high, so your diamond can
accommodate regulation game play
Hollywood Bury-All Home Plate
• All-rubber construction provides water-resistant protection from the weather
• Waffle design can be buried for permanent installation
• Non-skid top lets players cross the plate with confidence
• Black-bordered white plate provides a highly visible target
for both pitchers and base runners
   Base Ground Anchor
Heavy-Duty Baseball/Softball Base Ground Anchor gives bases a solid foundation. Whether kids or adults are enjoying America’s pastime, when bags are secured with this ground anchor, they’ll be able to stay put throughout countless slides and the heavy traffic of cleats as runners round the bases.
Base Plugs
Designed to be placed inside of base anchors on the field, these base plugs are ideal for use while bases are in storage. The black base fits securely inside the anchor to prevent dirt, grass, water and other debris from filling up inside, helping to prolong the useful life of the anchors.
Pitcher’s Rubber
Designed to be periodically rotated for extended use, this rubber lets pitchers firmly plant their feet for confidence when throwing heaters, curve-balls and sliders.
  Game Base Cart
The perfect choice for transporting and storing your bases.
• Heavy-duty steel construction
• Holds 4 Bases, 1.5 Female anchors
& Dugout tool
Digout Tool

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