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  Brute Sleds
The Brute Sled provides a player with a action-reaction concept. Simulating a real game scenario of a collision with another player. A must have for every offensive line coach. Individual components allow stations to be added as needed. Basic sleds can start with 2 man capability and expand as you desire. A 5 man sled can easily be broken down to a 2 or 3 man sled. Available in 11 standard colors.
Solo Kicker (Bow-Solokicker-Bk)
Bownet Portable SoloKicker is a one-of-a-kind portable sports barrier net that works great for kicking and punting practice and warm up, in the park or on the sidelines. No tools needed. Sets up and breaks down in just minutes. Unique design makes it the most portable practice kicker’s net ever. Used by Division 1 Colleges.
• Includes: net, ground frame, composite Bow Poles & carry bag for easy transport
• Huge net measures 7’4” Tall x 4’ Wide
• Weight - 23lbs.
• Bag Size - 50” x 14”
• Box Weight - 27lbs.
• Shipping Box Size - 53” x 9” x 6”
• Set-up Time: 90 sec.
QB5 Portable Practice Net
The Preferred Warm-up nets of The NCAA®
Target practice for your QB
    Standard Colors
Gold Black Orange Gray
The Fisher SackBak allows players to apply proper tackling technique and follow through. Fisher’s one man tackle sled helps to develop upper and lower body strength while enhancing a players confidence. Available in 2 models.
Red F.Green Kelly Grn Royal Navy Purple
Coaches Platform
The optional platform has a 36” tall, 2” O.D hand rail and 30”X30” steel diamond plate base, non-slip surface.
Quarterback Targets
• Durable targets help quarterbacks visualize five zones to help improve passing techniques during warm up practice
• Each target is constructed from nylon and individually numbered from 1 through 5
• Targets adhere to Bownet Barrier Nets (sold separately) with hook and loop tabs
• Perfect for use with the 21’ Portable Barrier Net (sold separately) during warm up practices
• Includes five targets and a drawstring carrying bag for easy portability and storage
easy portability and storage
Targets for: Field goal snap, Long snap and Shotgun snap practice
 Pad Options:
Each Brute sled pad’s core is built from high density, 100 lb., impact resistant foam. Durable 18oz. vinyl covers are then double and triple stitched to withstand harsh weather and years of hard use. Choose from 6 pad styles and 11 standard colors.
• Heavy duty, portable net has five sock training pockets to help improve accuracy during short passing drills while remaining stable and upright after every high intense throw
• Bownet’sE.A.S.®technology(EnergyAbsorptionSystem®)diffusesballenergy throughout the net to extend its lifespan, give more stability and balance, and add flexibility upon impact
• Powder coated steel frame have non-marking rubber feet to prevent damage to floors and provide stability and traction indoor and outdoor
• Sets up in 90 seconds with no tools required - the fastest set up on the market!
• Includes QB5 netting, ground frame, stakes, BOW-poles, and carrying bag for

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