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                                 Football Accessories
Post Pads
• All of our goal post pads meet NCAA and NFHS safety Standards
• Heavy-Duty, double sided, 18 ounce vinyl covers
• 16 colors Available
• Solid polyfoam cylinder with center
cutout to match your goal
( Please provide pole diameter or circumference when ordering )
Fisher Tackle Wheel
• Teaches players to adjust their angle of pursuit
• Teaches open field tackling and reducing injuries without the use of other players
• Teaches players to wrap up in open field
• 22 oz. vinyl in center, 19 oz. coated vinyl on outside faces of wheel
Linemen Chute 6×30
• Available in 10’, 15’, 20’, and 25’ widths.
• Useful for Defensive Line, Offensive Line and Quarterbacks
• Adjusts from horizontal to vertical
• Has 5 different heights
• Also use as a throwing shield
• Can be turned vertically and raised
up to 8ft.
Power Blaster
• Teach your players to hang on to the ball
• Adjustable Spring Tension for level of resistance
• Quick Snap-Back
• Arms adjust from 50 to 250 lbs.
Linemen Splits Marker
Great for teaching your linemen and backs your offensive splits. Running backs can learn the holes by running plays without the offensive line. Made of heavy-duty vinyl, the marker features weights at the ends and center to keep it flat on the ground.
Passing Drill Net
Designed to aid in teaching quarterbacks the mechanics of setting up, throwing and follow through. 3 fixed targets & 2 removable targets that can be placed in desired locations.
Running Ropes
The adjustable and portable agility master sets up in minutes with slip together parts, no nut and bolts needed. Various sizes available.
Agility Hoop/Football on a stick
• Get of the line and around the corner with the sturdy 12’ PVC Agility hoop
• Get players to react to the ball not cadence. The 57” finished ball and pole allows the coach to stand and see the entire line of scrimmage
Step over Dummies
Step over and dual steps are available half round or square in a variety of sizes and colors. The dummies are made of dense foam that allow players to step, hop and quick step up and down for improved footwork.
Body Shields
Designed for maximum protection and restrained contact. Suitable for junior high through college. Available in several sizes, shapes and colors.
Stand up Dummies
• Manufactured with high grade foams in combination
• Strong, firm and resilient
• Stands up to rigorous practices
• Available in several sizes, shapes and colors
Available Colors

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