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                                 Layout & Marking
         400’ - 122M
• Designed to help outline the base paths for baseball and softball fields
• Permanent marks on the cable at 45 ft., 60 ft., 90 ft. and 127.28 ft. help you find the right location for all three bases
• 130 ft. cable outlines key portions of the field, extending as far as home plate to second base, while a 240 ft. cord delivers extra length for mapping out foul lines
• Hammer and two spikes are included for setting the cord into place
• Lightweight design is easy to bring out to the field and back into the equipment closet
Cord & Reel
• High impact plastic reel
• 740’ of heavy duty nylon twine • 10” steel spike
        200’ - 60M
330’ - 100M
Measuring Tapes
• Durable, long-lasting, vinyl-coated fiberglass tapes in ABS shatter resistant case • Closed reel tapes feature an easy to wind, flush-folding handle
• Open reel tapes feature easy to wind return, handle and shoulder strap
• Printed with inches/feet on one side and centimeters/meters on the other
• Includes end-loop for one-person measuring
50’ - 15M
100’ - 30M
165’ - 50M
Marking Whispers
Virtually indestructible, these APWA color-coded Marking Whiskers spring back up when run over by lawn mowers, graders and heavy equipment. They are easily and conveniently attached to wood stakes or to 60-penny nails (not included). Use them alone or in conjunction with other marking products.
   PLeeFiXTM Ground Markers
The PLeeFixTM marker is a ground marking tool that is planted in the soil at line intersections, or, on lines on football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, rugby and other grass sports fields. Its different color-coded synthetic grass tufts, of organic origin, are UV-resistant synthetic fibers set on a tough recycled polypropylene-spiral cone base.
PLeeFixTM markers are also used to locate underground objects such as YELLOW for gas tanks, BLUE for water pipes and sprinklers, RED for electrical cables, WHITE to set accurate and clear boundaries, building sites, campsites, and car parks.

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