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                                   Set Includes: 25 Markers, installation starter tool, and 600 feet of layout twine
  MarkSmart TM(Baseball)
This Baseball Field Lining kit is the essential kit for properly lining all softball and baseball fields. It utilizes ground sockets to permanently locate left and right foul lines and create a “plumb” line of reference to align home plate with pitcher’s mound, 2nd base, and center field. Kit comes with 6 sockets with plugs, 4 lining pegs, pilot hole tube, and socket setter.
MarkSmart TM(Soccer)
An ideal tool for Band Lining Set or setting Football Practice. Mark boundary lines, goal lines, ten yard lines and hash marks. Set comes complete with 30 sockets with plugs along with installation accessory kit.
• Set boundary lines, goal lines, every ten yard lines and hash marks
• Great for band practice fields as well
• Set includes 30 sockets with plugs
• Installation accessory kit
MarkSmart TM(Football)
The Kit comes with 50 sockets with plugs and an Installation Accessory Kit (IAK). Mark off a complete football field in 5-yard increments, including goals and hash marks.
• 50 patented ground sockets w/ plugs. Identifies all line intersections permanently
• Simply connect the dots. No More repeated staking & measuring every year
• Includes Installation Accessory Kit
• Lines your Complete Football Field in 5 yard
increments, goals & hash marks
Ground Socket Auger
• Use to set your ground sockets in place
• Attaches to any standard drill; size: 3/8” shaft, 1
1/4” diameter, 12” length
ProLine TM( 25 Pc.Soccer ) or ( 50 Pc. Football ) Layout System
Newstripe’s ProLineTM Soccer Field Layout Systems
is the simplest, easiest and lowest cost way to keep your athletic fields marked, year after year. Just drive the rugged nylon locators into the ground at key field positions, attach the supplied string line to the locators and you’re ready to stripe your field. The locators are permanently left in place so you can precisely remark your field year after year, yet you only need to measure once.
• Safe – Unlike others, ProLineTM Locators have no open holes to catch players’ shoe cleats or fill with debris
• Easy to use – Just attach the guide cord between the locators and start striping you field. Unlike other locators, the ProLine’sTM unique one-piece design eliminates any additional pegs or plugs to loose or forget
• Quality – Proudly made in the USA, Newstripe ProLineTM products are backed by a 18 month limited warranty
• Inexpensive – Compared to other available products you will save 40 percent or more
Newstripe ( 25 Pc.Soccer ) or ( 50 Pc. Football ) Layout System
The SafeMarkTM basic sets layout principle markings of a playing field. Additional markers can be used to locate lines for coaches, team, penalty areas and more.
• Easy – Simply locate center line of corners or side lines. Use the included auger and then insert the SafeMarkTM. Pliable anchors wedge markers in place.
• Safe – Unlike hard plastic markers, athletic shoes and cleats will not skid or catch on the SafeMarkTM markers. Plus, they have no surface holes to trip players or fill with debris
• Indestructible – Made from UV protected PolyFoam and come with a three year warranty
• Set Includes: 25 Markers with anchors, installation auger, 600 feet of layout twine and 4 stringing spikes

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