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                                   Aluminum Hashmark Sled
These strong and sturdy sleds are easy to move, use and store. It’s so easy, one person can handle it ! You’ll find no better way to achieve cleaner, crisper lines, guaranteed. Made of light but durable aluminum.
Aluminum Line Sled
A must tool for ground maintenance crew to guide and assist them to paint perfect professional looking crisp straight athletic field lines. Eliminate the frustrations of jagged edge lines and / or crooked lines. Designed for ease of assembly and ease of use. Available in several line width sizes.
Plastic Hashmark Sled
Paint your Football Field Hash Marks perfectly every time. Our foldable hashmark stencil is made of 1/8 inch solid plastic. It’s easy to assemble, use and light weight for easy maneuverability and storage.
Soccer Corner Arc Stencil
Easily and consistently paint soccer corner kick soccer arcs every-time. Made of 1/8 inch solid plastic it is easy to use, light weight for easy maneuverability, easy to store yet durable enough for years of service.
If you don’t want to deal with the hassles of doing the painting of the logos yourself then our experienced painting crew will be glad to do the entire project from start to finish. A complete turn-key operation which will include designing the stencil artwork, recommending the correct font sizes and the painting of the logos on site. Our crew is well seasoned to do any project, anywhere, from start to finish.
   Support Breast Cancer Awareness
   Show your support for Breast Cancer awareness with our Breast Cancer Stencil Kit. Standard size 4 X 6 & 6 X 10, custom sizes available.
• Durable, easy to use and store
• Available any size
• Heavy duty, will not tear, 10 mil poly • Kits available

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