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                                 GREENSGROOMER EQUIPMENT for Synthetic Surfaces
GreensGroomer offers a wide variety of commercial grade equipment to make turf maintenance easier, less expensive, and more efficient. When it comes to cleaning, grooming, disinfecting, or de-compacting, GreensGroomer has the right products, at the right price.
Synthetic Turf Maintenance
   Synthetic Groomer 920SDE
When it comes to cleaning, grooming, disinfecting, or de-compacting, GreensGroomer has the right products, at the right price. The Synthetic Groomer with its second generation brush design, conditions synthetic turf surfaces while delivering greater labor efficiencies, ease of operation, and a lower total cost of ownership.
Simple in design with a heavy-duty construction, the
focal point of this patented design are the precise brush dimensions and angles. This allows grooming in four directions, standing up turf fibers and leveling infill material.
• Stands up Synthetic Fibers
• True One-Pass Performance
• Superior Balance for Consistent Grooming • Used in Wet and Dry Conditions
• Patented Quadruple Direction Design
• Works on All infield Surfaces
Introduced in 2011, the GreenZapr® represents a new paradigm in synthetic turf safety. Built around germicidal ultraviolet (UVC) lights, the GreenZapr disinfects synthetic surfaces with powerful exposure, instantly destroying harmful micro-organisms.
From viruses such as Hepatitis, STAPH, and E-Coli to Salmonella, HIV and the Influenza viruses, GreenZapr creates the ultimate benchmark for field safety. Unlike chemical methods which can allow for microbes to develop into “super-bugs”, UVC acts on the cellular level, destroying the DNA of the organism.
The standard 3-pass treatment places over 6,707μW/ cm2 of UVC energy on any given portion of the field — killing all harmful micro-organisms.
Power for the unit is provided by a reliable on-board gas generator. Optionally, the unit can be equipped with rechargeable gel cell batteries that provide a more convenient, safe option for indoor settings.
  LitterKat Turf Sweeper
Removal of surface debris has never been easier. The LitterKat is designed to sweep up light debris from the turf surface without displacing infill material. It’s the perfect choice for keeping your synthetic sports field clean, safe and ready for action.
The LitterKat is a ground-driven design built around a heavy-duty steel chassis for durability and low-maintenance. This design allows for towing by lightweight utility carts. The durable powder coat finish allows for easy clean- up and is wash-down safe.
• Direct Drive for continuous pickup regardless of speed.
• Dual 12 volt vibrators quickly separate unwanted trash and debris while redistributing infill back to the surface.
• Equipped with a tow behind magnet for pickup of unwanted ferrous objects.
• High quality bearings provide smooth, long-term operation.

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