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                                 Non-Infill Turf Systems
This turf combines slit film with a texturized polyethylene for a look that is more like natural grass.
This turf system features a textured polyethylene that offers an excellent ball roll. It is our workhorse turf for indoor sports applications. DPPE is a 36 oz polyethylene product that pro- vides a much less abrasive surface than nylon or polypropyl- ene and provides superior wear resistance.
This turf is perfect for arenas, sports training facilities, batting cages and more. It comes standard in a blend color, in 15 foot widths and a 5mm foam backing, but other colors and thicker backing options are available via custom order.
Turf Mats
Many non infill turf systems are constructed with either a 5mm or 8mm cushioned backing to provide a level of shock absorption and safety.
Velcro Seaming
For turf fields that will need to be portable in nature, they offer a Velcro seaming option that allows the turf to be uninstalled and reinstalled quickly and easily. This is an ideal option for indoor soccer fields and sports arenas.
 Challenger Sports offers the highest quality synthetic turf mats available on the market. Their advanced engineering produces mats that are chosen for their durability, performance and a natural appearance.
     Commercial Grade Golf Mats
• Sizes: 3 x 5, 4 x 5, 5 x 5,
• 100% Green / Environmentally
• Commercial ULTRA pro grade golf
practice mat is perfect for home
use or on the go
• Professional grade quality and our
most robust commercial mat
• 5mm foam backing
On Deck Circles
• Sizes: 3 x 5, 4 x 5, 5 x 5
• Sizes: 5’ Diameter, 6’ Diameter
• Colors: Turf Green , Clay, Red, Blue,
Black, White, Yellow and Orange (custom colors available upon request)
• Protect your field from wear and tear on deck circles
• 5mm foam backing
Pitchers Mats
• Size: 4’ x 12’
• Color: Turf Green
• Pitchers mats are portable
synthetic turf baseball mats that are great for batting practice, both indoors or outdoors
• This high quality mat features a 5 mm attached foam shock pad and great for on field use or in a batting cage
Home Plate & Catchers Mats
• Size: 6’ x 12’ Batting Mat with 6’ x 6” Catchers Mat
• Colors: Turf Green
• The catchers mat on the back of the standard home plate makes the
ultimate practice mat for your cage of field
• The Home Plate hitting mat is a portable synthetic turf batting mat that is
great for batting practice, both indoors or outdoors
• This high quality mat features a 5 mm attached foam shock pad, white turf
lines and a permanent home plate

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