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                                  Field Commander
The Field Commander® utilizes a “one machine, one operator”concept. This machine can groom, condition, level, paint, stripe lines, apply logos, end zone markings, yard markers, and coaching boxes on both natural and synthetic turf. It also sprays water, chemicals, disinfectants for both indoor and out- door applications – you can even paint curbs and control weeds!
For multipurpose synthetic fields the Field Commander® allows you to remove current painted lines/logos and make new ones in just a few short hours – which means more events can be scheduled creating additional revenue while reducing labor costs.
Port-A-Scrub Remover
The Port-A-Scrub Synthetic Turf Paint Remover
is excellent for removal of temporary athletic
field marking paints from artificial turf surfaces. Operator friendly, saves you time, money and labor costs. Used in both indoor and outdoor venues. It is a quick, efficient, multipurpose machine with two 12 inch counter rotating cylindrical brushes which allow this portable scrubber to clean both sides of the synthetic grass fiber as it glides back and forth in forward or reverse with little effort. A one gallon fresh water tank is conveniently located on the handle and is easily removed for quick filling. The brushes are also easy to remove and change, no tools are required.
Groom and paint your fields 50% faster. Save labor time and money. Versatility and speed to get multi-use fields changed out quickly. Paint straight lines while using 50% less paint. One machine works on both natural AND synthetic fields.
Infrared Turf Thermometer
The Infrared thermometer is easy to use, and since it does not have to make contact with the turf, it is a quick way to determine the surface temperature of artificial turf. You can use the Infrared Thermometer to determine artificial turf canopy temperature to be sure the field is safe for use.
• Large, easy to read LCD back lit display
• Laser Pointer
• Display Hold ( 7 seconds )
Removers & Equipment
         Scrubby Power
Battery operated scrubber for cleaning paint from synthetic turf fields.
• 2 in 1 machine. Use with the extended handle or as a hand-held scrubber
• 9.6V rechargeable battery • Variety of brushes and pads • Operates at 350 rpm
• 1 hour quick charge

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