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                                  Field Marking Paint
    Aquastripe Cube
Athletic field line marking paint packaged in a two and half gallon box for use in battery machine. Direct from manufacturer, reasonably priced, top quality paint for use in pioneer athletics battery operated athletic field line striping machine.
• Same quality and characteristics of competitor’s paint but better pricing
• Ready to use, non settling formula. Attach carton to the battery striping machine and spray
• We guarantee price savings and with better quality
Athletic field line paint at a better price than the imported “impact” field paint. No need to pay an exorbitant price for imported technology. We offer the same type container, the same quality paint, the same performance as IMPACT paint, but at a lower price.
• Contains same amounts of prime pigments and optical brighteners as IMPACT paint
• Contains the same amount of percent solids and latex solids as IMPACT paint
• Has the same durability, atomization and coverage as IMPACT paint

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