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Two component, Clear Epoxy, Solvent Base, use as sealer, primer, topcoat.
Two component catalyzed epoxy coatings, that is extremely for use as a clear sealer, primer or a protective topcoat for a variety of colored base coats. Designed for use concrete, asphalt and many other substrates. Formulation to have a very long pot life yet dry and cure fast. 50% level solids. It does contains high levels of hydrocarbon solvents that are considered VOC and objectionable for use in California then consider our 100% solids or water based epoxy coatings.
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Formulated and manufactured at our facility in Atlanta, 2kCESB is a specially formulated two component epoxy primer that is designed to have a 24 hour pot life ( working time after the two components are mixed ) yet dry fast ( 10 minutes ) when applied on concrete as a sealer, primer or as a protective top coating over existing paint. This cross linking epoxy primer forms a good strong deep penetrating base coat to help the applied top coat paint bond better to the substrate. It also forms a water barrier to protect and prolong the life of the top coat. When applied as a clear coat it acts a high performance sealer for protection and dust control. When used as a top coat over numerous types of base-coats 2kCESB acts as an extra layer for protection from abrasion and helps with less staining / marking / damage of the base-coat.

  • Use as high performance sealer, primer or as a clear protective clear topcoat.
  • Clear, two component, crosslinking epoxy-amine chemistry for better bonding, toughness and water resistance.
  • Convenient equal parts mixing ratio. 1 part A with 1 part B by volume. 50% solids.
  • Long open time ( pot life ) 10 hours after the components have been thoroughly mixed.
  • Fast Dry. Dry to touch : 5 mins. To Recoat : 15 mins. max. No thinning needed.
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, asphalt and most types of coatings when applied as a top coat.
  • Forms a good moisture barrier to protect and helps the top coated paint last longer and stain less.
  • Clean up before dry and before complete cure is with lacquer thinner or toluene.
  • Can be applied with brush, roller, or spray equipment designed for solvent based coatings.
  • Coverage 300 sq. feet / gallon. Being epoxy based it can turn amber with UV exposure over time.
  • Caution : Solvent based, contains high VOC's 4.5 lbs / gallon. We have other formulas that are water-base.
  • Shelf life 1 year in unopened, well sealed containers. Flammable
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