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ACRYLATE cross linking coating

High performance protective coating for industrial floors, aircraft hangers.
Innovating cross linking coating chemistry to yield an extremely tough, durable, chemical resistant coating. Catalyzed coating BUT contains no isocyanates. long pot life ( working time ), ultrafast cure ( foot traffic in 1 hour ) for immediately use in service. Apply as high performance flooring, wood, automotive and industrial use. Performance comparable to 2K poly urethane, poly aspartic coatings BUT longer working time, fast return to service, low VOC. isocyanate free .
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Manufactured at our facility in Atlanta GA, ARY2K is a two component, crosslinking, low VOC, isocyanate free, extremely durable, enamel paint. Part A resin is packaged in 5 gallon containers. Part B catalyst is packaged in quart containers. No thinning is required, all components are ready to use. Part B has to added to the Part A before application. Thoroughly mix the two components, the resin and catalyst, in the right proportions as provided and as indicated on the bucket label instructions. No need for a jiffy mixer or induction time. Mixing ratio is 200 gms of catalyst to 1 gallon of the resin or 1 quart of catalyst per 5 gallon container. The mixed product can be applied using brush, roller, airless spray machines. Working time ( pot life ) is 4 hours under normal conditions. After application, spray machine has to be thoroughly rinsed out with paint thinner or the mixed product can damage the machine. Even though this product has a long working time ( pot life ), the time for foot traffic is fast ( maximum 2 hours ).

  • Two component, cross linking, yet easy to mix, apply, clean up. Low temperature curing.
  • Based on two component crosslinking cure technology for superb Durability, Good Adhesion, Flexibility, and good chemical resistant.
  • High solids over 90%, contains NO isocyanate, tin or BPA. 
  • Use as a tough, durable, chip, flake and scratch resistant concrete coating for high traffic areas.
  • Excellent performance when applied on concrete, warehouse flooring, aircraft hangers, warehouse floors, clean rooms, garage floors, stadiums, etc.
  • Can be used as a OEM coating during production or can be applied as a protective coating on site.
  • Available in several colors and a clear formulation. Reduced labelling hazardous requirements. Lower carbon footprint.
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