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  • Block type alkyd thermoplastic traffic paint meets federal AASHTO specification.


AASHTO specification BLOCK form alkyd thermoplastic traffic paint.
DURA-Therm BLOCK Alkyd is a high performance, 100 % solids thermoplastic traffic paint. When heated in a kettle above 400 deg. F it turns to a liquid and then it can be sprayed or extruded. Once the liquid paint hits the pavement it cools down and forms a high build, extremely durable coating. Use on city, county, federal roads, streets, highway, airports as high build traffic paint.

Priced by the Ton ( 2000 lbs ). Packaged in 50 pound BLOCKS.

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Heat applied Thermoplastic traffic paints contain a mixture of granular alkyd resin as binder, pigments for color and hiding power, glass beads for reflectivity, additional fillers and additives for enhancing other vital properties. DURA-Therm BLOCK form ( meets AASHTO spec for Block Thermoplastic Traffic Paints ) is formulated using high quality alkyd resin that is very durable, has good adhesion to asphalt and concrete substrates, has excellent bead retention and retro reflectivity and is impervious to the effects of petroleum products like oil, grease, diesel, etc. on road surfaces. This thermoplastic grade is pre melted and then molded in BLOCK form. It is further handled and sold in block form, hence the name. Block thermoplastic is melted and then sprayed or extruded in appropriate striping machines. The block form helps in ease of handling and extends the shelf life of the product.

  • Meets Federal AAHSTO specification for BLOCK Thermoplastic Traffic Paints.
  • 100% solids, No VOCS and no volatile harmful solvents.
  • Packaged in BLOCK FORM.
  • Blocks are handled, melted and sprayed like conventional thermoplastic paints, there is no wastage.
  • Extremely Good Glass bead retention and retention of retro-reflectivity.
  • Highly resistant to oil and grease.
  • Better chemical resistance than Hydrocarbon Thermoplastic Traffic Paints.
  • Good night-time and daytime reflectivity even when the pavement is wet.
  • Can easily be applied to enhance delineation of lanes with an acoustic and rumbling effect.
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