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  • Federal specification fast dry durable traffic line marking water based striping paint
  • airport line marking paint striping ride on machine.
    We can ship line striping macines anywhere on the globe.
  • TTP 1952 E F fast dry type III airport line marking paint.
    USSC offers several colors in TTP 1952E type III specification.
  • colors white yellow fast dry airport line marking paint specifcation.
  • traffic paint manufacturer spray applied on concrete asphalt.
    All our traffic paints will work on asphalt and concrete.
  • airport paint
  • Painting line paint airport runway
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  • traffic line marking paint manufacturer.
    USSC paints are used on airports all over the world.
  • traffic line marking paint packaged in 55 gallon drums 5 gallon buckets 250 tote tanks.
    Packaged in 5 gallons, 55 gallon drums or 250 tote tanks.

TTP-1952E Type III

Durable, High build, Fast Dry traffic line marking airport striping paint.
Extremely durable, high solids, water-based, VOC compliant, Traffic Line Marking Paint that meets Federal Specification TTP-1952E Type III ( formulated for increased durability with high solids acrylic resin ). This grade is used for striping line marking traffic lanes and lines on parking lots lines, cross walks, streets, roads, highways, airport runway lines, numbers, directional arrows. USSC is a manufacturer of several specifications of top quality traffic paints.

Priced by the gallon. Packaged in 5 or 55 or 250 gallon containers.

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Formulated and manufactured by USSC at its production facility in Atlanta GA, TTP-1952E Type III is an extremely durable, high quality, water based, fast dry federal specification Traffic Line Marking Paint. It contains high levels of prime pigments and federal specification approved acrylic latex binder for extra durability hence the designation Type III. TTP-1952E Type III traffic paint can be used with all airless striping machines and will spray crisp, sharp lines, that are exceptionally durable and very bright. This formulation will not settle during shipping, storage or when in use. It is packaged in 5 gallon buckets with convenient tear-away lids or in 55 gallon drums or 250 gallon tote tanks. Fast Dry water based traffic paint that meets Federal specification TTP-1952E Type III.

  • Dries to no track extremely fast, in less than 10 mins.
  • High levels of volume solids, high percentage of prime pigments, Low VOC.
  • Extremely Good Quality Paint with Superior Hiding, Brightness and Durability.
  • Use as permanent traffic paint on cross-walks, Roads, Streets, Highways, Airport Runways.
  • Available in White, Yellow, Blue, Red and Black. Lead free.
  • Formulated and MADE IN THE USA.
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Available Colors

H.C. Blue

TTP-1952E Type III WHITE TDS ( technical data sheet )

TTP-1952E Type III RED TDS ( Technical Data Sheet )

TTP-1952e TypeIII BLACK TDS ( Technical Data Sheet )

TTP-1952E Type III YELLOW TDS ( Technical Data Sheet )

TT-P 1952E Type III SDS for WHITE & COLORS ( Safety Data Sheet )