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  • Aerosol traffic line marking striping lining paint for roads streets parking lot warehouses
  • aerosol traffic line striping line marking paint machine.
    Aerosol traffic paint spray machine sprays 1 can stores 12.
  • Do small striping projects fast-easy-inexpensive with aerosols
  • Bright durable fast dry aerosol traffic arrow line marking paint.
    DURASTRIPE is bright, durable, high solids, efficient, fast dry.
  • Arrows lines signs durable bright traffic lines arrows.
    Easily paint bright durable lines-arrows with DURASTRIPE.
  • Handicap spot line sign legend bright durable aerosol blue paint.
    Handicap spots-lines-sign painted with Bright durable paint.
  • bright durable paint parking lot lines white yellow blue.
    Easily paint bright durable parking lot lines.
  • paint EV station charging station spot lines legen signs.
    Easily paint EV charging station spot-lines-sign-legend.
  • Painting bright durable paint lines warehouse floors.
    Paint bright durable paint lines on warehouse floors.
  • Easy to use no setup no cleanup aerosol line marking paint.
    Easy to use-setup-cleanup, warehouse line marking paint.
  • bright colors clear aerosol line marking striping paint.
    Available in several bright colors and a clear top coat.
  • Aerosol paint striping line marking machine folded down.
    SS8 aerosol paint striping machine folded down.

DURASTRIPE traffic paint

Easy to use, durable, permanent striping paint for traffic line markings.
DURASTRIPE aerosols contains extremely high percent solids, high resin content that contribute to excellent exterior durability, water resistant, weather and abrasion resistance. High pigment volume gives it one coat coverage, bright colors and low VOC's. Paint Line Stripe permanent parking lot lines, street road driveway lines, handicap signs, parking numbers, turn arrows, signs, legends, warehouse lines and identification signs.

Priced by the case. Twelve, 20 ounce by volume cans per case.

  • High volume / established Customers please call us for special pricing.
  • Being a Manufacturer we strive to offer the BEST PAINT at the BEST PRICE.
  • To locate a USSC sales rep. or a Distributor in your area, Please call us toll free.
  • We can match any Paint, Coating, Primer, Sealer, Janitorial Product.
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This high performance, proprietary paint formula is manufactured by USSC at its production facility in Atlanta GA. DURASTRIPE aerosols are safe for the environment and the user. It is specifically formulated to have the lowest VOC’s ( Volatile Organic Compounds ), the highest percent solids, highest brightness, and the most durability than any paint in its category. When two coats are applied it will last for over 2 years. DURA STRIPE aerosol poly urethane clear coat can also be applied as a top coat for more longivity and to reduce tire marking and dust collection. Cans sprays very crisp, sharp lines, and the aerosol cans will empty completely and they will not to clog ! It is packaged as twelve 20 ounce by volume, 18 ounces by weight cans per case with a divider between cans for extra safety.

DURASTRIPE is also available in 26 ounce by weight, FAT cans. This extra fill size cuts the per ounce price of the paint and also reduces the number of cans needed per application. USSC striping machines are designed to fit and spray both our regular cans and fat cans. Our universal " T " tip design fits most machines and will spray a 2 inch - 4 inch wide line.

  • Convenient, Easy SETUP, Easy CLEANUP.
  • Use as permanent Traffic line marking / striping paint.
  • Paint lines on parking lots, garages, roads, streets.
  • Use as permanent line marking paint in warehouses.
  • Available in Brightest White, over 80 Brilliant standard colors, clear topcoat and custom colors if needed.
  • Formulated and MADE IN THE USA.
  • For more information, a recommendation or to ORDER call 1-800-278-7473 or 1-800-2-STRIPE.

Available Colors

H.C. Blue

DURASTRIPE-TDS ( Technical Data Sheet )

DURASTRIPE SDS ( Safety Data Sheet )

Custom colors requires a minimum order. Please call us at 800-278-7473 for more details.

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