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  • Alkyd Regular dry durable bright low price traffic line lane marking striping traffic paint
  • Traffic line marking paint.
    Economically priced alkyd resin traffic line marking paint.
  • Alkyd traffic line painting line marking striping paint yellow.
    Alkyd regular dry, durable, bright traffic line marking paint.
  • Bright durable white traffic line marking striping traffic paint.
    Bright, durable, economical traffic line marking striping paint.


Low cost, regular dry, solvent based Alkyd traffic line marking paint.
Based on proven Alkyd resin technology, this traffic paint is a good choice when fast dry time is not required. Economically priced, yet dries to a very durable finish. Good for use on concrete, old asphalt. Not recommended over freshly applied asphalt or seal coating. Use to paint durable traffic lines on parking lots, driveways, shopping centers, apartment complex, stadium parking lots, high school parking lot lines. signs legends, city county traffic lanes, airport runway lines.

Priced by the gallon. Packaged in 5 gallon metal buckets.

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Durable, yet economically priced Alkyd Traffic Paint. This formulation is based on a self curing alkyd binder, hence it dries and cures to a tough solid paint film. Being a solvent based alkyd paint it does dry slow. For parking lots, parking garages, side streets, curbs were dry time is not a issue, this grade is an excellent choice. This traffic paint formulation has good hiding power, good overage, contains high solids and low VOC's. It contains some acetone to reduce the VOC'S. Being a solvent based paint it is flammable. It is good for most substrates, except new asphalt and freshly applied seal coating. It exhibits good exterior durability, bead retention, abrasion resistance and adhesion to various substrate.

  • Proven Alkyd Resin Traffic Paint Formulation.
  • Low cost, economically priced.
  • Available in White, Yellow, Blue, Black and Red.
  • High Solids, Acceptable VOC.
  • Good coverage. 400 lineal feet per gallon when applied 4 inch wide stripe.
  • Regular Dry times. 30 mins. to foot, 45 mins. to car traffic.
  • Can be applied with conventional airless spray machines that can handle solvent based paints.
  • Caution : Flammable, not for use on freshly applied asphalt or seal coating.
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Available Colors

H.C. Blue

ALKYD STRIPE 2016 SDS ( Safety Data Sheet )

Custom colors requires a minimum order. Please call us at 800-278-7473 for more details.

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