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  • Type1 glass beads glass spheres for paint nighttime paint reflective.

GLASS BEADS Type 1- city county spec

Drop on Glass beads for reflective road highway line striping paints.
Meets TTP-1325 Type 1 Standard Quality Glass beads for use on city roads, streets, highway striping projects that call for the use of glass beads for night-time reflectivity. Use as drop on water based, solvent based, thermoplastic, 2K - epoxy, MMA, poly urethane and poly urea traffic paints.

Priced by the pound. Packaged in 50 pound bags.

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Standard Quality Glass spheres-beads normally recommended and specified for highway, road, street painting /striping projects. Essential for night time retro reflectivity of paint.

  • Meets TTP-1325 Type 1
  • Packaged in Dual coated 50 pound bags.
  • Approved for Highway paint use.
  • Approved as drop on beads for most types of striping paints.
  • Recommended rate of 6 pound per gallon of paint.
  • 50 lb bag will cover 533 square feet or 1600 lineal feet of 4 inch wide line.
  • Increase night time and wet pavement reflectivity and safety.
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