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  • non slip anti skid additive silica sand for paints coatings traffic paint
  • anti slip on slip aggregate added to yellow white color paints coatings.
    Aggregate F65 added to white / yellow traffic paints.
  • aggregate anti slip non skid additive for paint coating sealer
    Aggregate F65 added to the bottom half of the paint.
  • anti slip non skid additive does not change color of paint.
    Non slip added to bottom section - No change of COLOR.
  • no change of appearance of coating paints sealers when non skid additive is added.
    Added to the bottom section - NO change of appearance.
  • add broadcast non slip anti skid silica sand additive before paint coating dries or becomes hard.
    F65 can be stirred in or broadcasted on the paint before dry.

Aggregate F65

Additive for coatings, paints to add / enhance non skid anti slip properties.
Specially designed silica additive that can be stirred into paints and coatings or broadcasted over wet coating films before they dry to impart non slip non skid properties, for safety. This additive be bonded and attached on top of the coating or be part of the dry coating to prevent slippage and accidents. This additive is tough, durable, hard but will not significantly change the properties, appearance or the color of the paint / coating / overlay.
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This unique, proprietary formula is engineered and manufactured by USSC at its production facility in Atlanta GA, a non skid / anti slip aggregate that can be stirred into most paint / coatings or can be broadcasted over the applied coating surface before it dries and hardens.

  • Can be used with all types of coatings, paints, overlay systems to impart non slip properties.
  • When applied correctly, F65 will not significantly change color of the coating or paint it is added to or broadcasted on.
  • Use with water base / solvent base acrylic, alkyd, epoxy, poly urethane, polyaspartic floor coatings.
  • When used as a broadcast aggregate it helps prevent slippage when wet and adds to the coatings toughness and chip resistance.
  • For heavy duty commercial industrial projects recommended rate is .5 to .75 pound for every 100 feet.
  • Light duty residential application addition rate is 1 lb per 4 gallons, heavy duty industrial use 1 lb per gallon.
  • Too much aggerate with make the coating difficult to clean and take away color, gloss or performance.
  • Use on Stairs, decks, balconies, pedestrian walkways, street curbs, parking garages.
  • Use on Residential Car Garages, Industrial Floors, Department Stores, Warehouse entrances and exits, wherever there is slippery wet conditions.
  • Available in 5 pound or 50 pound containers. Three sizes FINE, MEDIUM and COARSE.
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