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  • Paint remover cleaner striper from airless bulk paint striping machines robots.
  • Striping machine cleaner.
    BEFORE - Striping Machine with over-spray dried paint.
  • Striping machine being cleaner with machine cleaner.
    Spray / Striping Machine being cleaned with machine cleaner.
  • Striping machine cleaned and rinsed with USSC machine cleaner.
    AFTER - Striping machine cleaned with GT machine cleaner.
  • cleaning of bulk line striping graco airless spray machine.
    BEFORE - Dirty bulk paint line striping machine.
  • paint striping machine titan graco cleaned with cleaning solution.
    AFTER - Cleaned with GT machine cleaner and conditioner.
  • Dirty line striping line marking airless spray machines graco titan
    BEFORE - Dirty line striping machine with dried paint splatter.
  • safe effective bulk airless spray paint machine cleaner conditioner
    AFTER - Spray machine cleaned with safe cleaner conditioner.


Cleans, removes old dried paint and conditions airless Striping Machines.
Water based cleaner, stripper to safely clean, remove, strip, wash away dried paint, over spray from bulk airless Striping Machines - Graco, Titan, Newstripe, Robots. Use as a conditioner and as a winterize fluid to clean and protect engine, hoses, spray tips.

priced per gallon. Packaged in 1 gallon plastic bottles.

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Safely remove dried paint, over spray paint from bulk paint striping machines. As it applies to all chemicals, use correct and appropriate skin and eye protection and safety measures. Then spray apply the GT CLEANER on the dried paint on the paint striping machines. Next lightly agitate and rinse with water. This formulation is not strong enough to strip the original paint of the machine but strong enough to loosen up the dried traffic or field paint and facilitate easy rinsing. Pump through spray machine to loosen and remove dried paint debris inside hoses, pumps, spray tips. Leave inside machine for winter months to keep engine and other parts from freezing. As with any chemical cleaning wear protective eyeglasses and proper clothing. Avoid contact with skin. Use product as is or can be thinned with equal parts of water.

  • Safe water based cleaner for dried traffic, field or architectural paint from air-less bulk spray machines.
  • Pour in, spray through or leave the GT cleaner in the air less spray machine.
  • Clean, condition, winterize airless spray machine with one product.
  • Use with Graco, Titan traffic paint spray machines and air-less spray equipment and machines.
  • Easy to use. Rinses with water.
  • As with all chemicals, Use eyes and skin protective gear when using tis product. Keep away from contact with skin and eyes.
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