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  • Newstripe 5` Baseball Nail Drag infield groomer

Newstripe 5` Baseball Nail Drag

Let Newstripe's rugged, infield 5' Baseball Nail Drag keep your infield in optimum playing condition!
Newstripe's infield 5' Baseball Nail Drag is ideal to keep your infields in optimum playing condition no matter what the weather conditions are. The wheel kit allows for quick and easy nail height adjustment for perfect infield penetration depth. All are made from heavy gauge structural steel and will give years of service.

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The infield 5' Baseball Nail Drag features:

Most Efficient Design Available - The nails are placed 4" apart and are staggered for optimum performance.

Easy Nail Change - If the nails wear out or get damaged, they can be changed in just a few minutes.

Wheel Kit - The wheel kit is now included with each size for both setting the nails' penetration depth as well as conveniently towing the unit from field to field.

Rugged Construction – American Made - Newstripe's 5' Baseball Nail Drag™ is built from heavy gauge structural steel and industrial components. They will last for years.

18 Month Warranty - Longest in the industry.

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Application - Small to medium infields
Equipment Requirements - Hand pull or light weight utility vehicles
Grooming Path - 60" W
Warranty - 18 months
Item Name - 5' Baseball Nail Drag™
Dimensions - 5'
Features - Includes Wheel Kit to adjust height and for easy transport 13 foot 3/16"Welded 14 gauge structural tubing.6" l x 1/4" diameter. 11 gauge formed plate