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  • Ride on Graco Field Lazer G400 ride on airless athletic field line marking painting striping spray machine.
  • Graco stand on self propelled athletic field line marking striping traffic paint machine.
    Stand on, Self propelled athletic field line striping machine.
  • Ride on self propelled traffic lines athletic field striping machine.
    Increase Visibility, Reduce Fatigue, Increase Productivity.
  • Stand on Ride on self propelled airless paint line striping marking machine.
    Have a question or to ORDER, Please call us 1-800-2-STRIPE.
  • Ride on Graco athletic football soccer field line striping painting airless spray machine.
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Graco FieldLazer G400
Ride with the Graco FieldLazer G400 all in one stand on self propelled field marking machine.
An industry first, the Graco FieldLazer G400 all in one Stand On Self Propelled field marking machine. Riding upright is the ideal way for field marking professionals to improve visibility, reduce fatigue and increase productivity. Quickly stripe a large number of fields with razor sharp, long, straight lines. Best performance when used with top of the line USSC field marking paints AQUASTRIPE and water based traffic paints TECHLINE.
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  • Graco high pressure airless paint spray technology
  • Produces bright lines from every angle
  • Coats both sides of grass blade in a single pass
  • Reduced paint consumption vs. low pressure systems
  • Comfortable stand on shock absorbing platform - Improved striping sight line, and easy to get on and off.
  • Electronic paint spray trigger provides quick response and reduces spraying hand fatigue.
  • Automatic dashed lines simplify the application of media lines or even an entire cross-country track.
  • Electronic pressure control adjustable between 0 and 3300 psi for field (1000 psi) and pavement (3300 psi) line marking.
  • Smooth Ride turf tires for reduced fatigue, vibration and long-straight lines over any terrain.
  • Large capacity 25 gallon (95 liter) paint hopper included - less paint refills.
  • High efficiency Honda engine.
  • 3-Year Warranty and over 700 authorized repair locations in North America.
  • Easy Out Filter makes tip clogs a thing of the past.
  • Siphons from disposable paint bucket, eliminating tank or pot cleaning hassles.
  • Paint circles and arcs or easily switch to gun and spray stencils or large solid areas.
  • Control accessible from standing position. Start and stop the engine, view distance and paint consumption, adjust pressure.
  • Self centering steering locks in place for a straight line and automatically swivels to turn.
  • Best performance when used with USSC field paints AQUA STRIPE and traffic paints TECHLINE.
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FieldLazer G400 Repair


Height (with handle bar down)

Packaged - 54.25 in

Packaged - 137.8 cm


Packaged - 40.0 in

Packaged - 101.6 cm


Packaged - 78.0 in

Packaged - 198.1 cm


Packaged - 730.0 lb

Packaged - 331.1 kg


Sound Power

97.1 dBa per ISO 3744

97.1 dBa per ISO 3744

Sound Pressure

81.2 dBa measured at 3.1 ft

81.2 dBa measured at 1 m


Hand Arm

1.2 sq m/sec measured per ISO 5349 with 8 hours daily exposure

1.2 sq m/sec measured per ISO 5349 with 8 hours daily exposure

Whole Body

0.0 sq m/sec measured per ISO 2631 with 8 hours daily exposure

0.0 sq m/sec measured per ISO 2631 with 8 hours daily exposure

Power Rating

Power Rating (Horse Power) per SAE J1349

8.5 @ 3600 rpm

6.3 @ 3600 rpm

Maximum Delivery

2.5 gpm

9.5 lpm

Maximum Tip Size

2 gun = .039 in tip

2 gun = .039 in tip

Inlet paint strainer

16 mesh

1190 micron

Outlet paint strainer

60 mesh

250 micron

Pump inlet size

1 in NSPM (m)

1 in NSPM (m)

Pump outlet size

3/8 NPT (f)

3/8 NPT (f)

Hydraulic reservoir capacity

1.25 gal

4.73 l

Maximum hydraulic pressure

1825 psi

124 bar

Maximum working pressure

3300 psi

228 bar, 22.8 MPa

Maximum forward speed

10 mph

16 kph

Maximum reverse speed

6 mph

9.7 kph

Electrical Capacity

14 A @ 3600 rpm

14 A @ 3600 rpm

Wetted Parts

PTFE, Nylon, polyurethane, V-Max, UHMWPE, fluoroelastomer, acetal, leather, tungsten carbide, stainless steel, chrome plating, nickel-plated carbonsteel, ceramic

Fieldlazer G400