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Home Yard, Lawn Stencils

Logo Name Mascot Art stencil for painting on Home Yard Lawn Grass.
Let us know what you want to paint on your home yard or business lawn. Team name, Team Logo, Team Initials, Mascot, Letters, Festival Name, Event Name, Tournament name, Custom Image, Message, Art, etc. Our graphic design department can help you design it. Once approved, we ship you a custom cut stencil template that you can easily use to safely paint a logo on your residential lawn or business grass yard.
  • High volume / established Customers please call us for special pricing.
  • Being a Manufacturer we strive to offer the BEST PAINT at the BEST PRICE.
  • To locate a USSC sales rep. or a Distributor in your area, Please call us toll free.
  • We can match any Paint, Coating, Primer, Sealer, Janitorial Product.
  • Want to distribute USSC products or be a sales rep. Please contact us.

Easily and safely paint college, high school team names, team mascots, city names, team initials, event sponsor names on residential yards, business lawns using our custom cut one piece plastic stencils templates. Our graphics department can match any font, type set, logo, mascot or image. Stencils are made from 8 mil UV resistant foldable yet durable plastic.

Templates, stencils are conveniently shipped folded in a cardboard box. Unfold the stencil. Lay it out on where you want to paint the logo. Paint through the cutouts and outline guidelines. Lift the stencil and connect the dots. Use your own skills and imagination to put in shades, borders, colors, etc. Use USSC's extremely SAFE, BRIGHT & DURABLE paints to get an even more pop and durability of your paintings. Please call our experienced graphic design department, they will be glad to discuss your requirements. We can make recommendation when needed. We can send you a mock drawing of how the logo will look like before we custom manufacture. We are committed to use our experience and know-how to make it as easy as possible for you.

  • One piece construction allows for easy setup and easy storage.
  • Made of Durable, yet Foldable 8 mil UV stable plastic.
  • Being the manufacturer, we keep stencils in stock and can ship the same day.
  • Next day FEDEX expedited shipping, if needed.
  • Use with USSC's environmentally friendly, bright durable, safe, aerosol marking paints.
  • Over 100 bright, vivid paint colors in stock.
  • Since we manufacture the stencils and paints, you get the best quality PAINTS and the BEST PRICING.
  • Have a question, need a recommendation or to ORDER call 1-800-278-7473 or 1-800-2-STRIPE.