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  • Breast cancer awareness ribbon stencil pink paint kit football field home yard
  • Sizes of Breast Cancer Awareness Stencils.
    Available sizes of Breast Cancer Awareness Stencils.
  • Breast Cancer awareness stencils are easy to ship use store.
    Breast Cancer Awareness stencils are easy to use.
  • Painting cancer ribbon stencil
    Paint through the cut-outs of the plastic stencil.
  • Unfold secure in place the breast cancer stencil.
    Unfold and secure it at the spot you want the sign painted.
  • Ribbon outline painted on natural grass or synthetic turf.
    Stencil removed and the ribbon outline painted on grass.
  • Custom event stencils and paints.
    USSC can custom suit any type, style of stencil and paint.
  • Painting cancer awareness stencil pink aerosol paint.
    Finished pink cancer awareness stencil.
  • Custom cancer awareness stencils paints for special events.
  • Custom stencils logo message stencils corporate comany events outings rally.
    Custom stencils, paints for corporate events, outings, rallies.
  • Military awareness events celebrations ribbon stencil aerosol paint colors.
    Military Awareness stencil plus top brass Paint colors by USSC.
  • custom stencils logo stencil ribbon pink custom color paints.
    We custom design, manufacture ribbon stencils and paints.

Breast Cancer Awareness Stencil

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Stencils and Pink Paint, stencil Kits.
USSC Breast Cancer Ribbon Stencil used with USSC bright, durable, aerosol pink cans to paint cancer awareness pink ribbons on natural grass, home yards, or athletic fields. Also available is Aerosol Pink Chalk to paint temporary or removable ribbons on synthetic turf fields, concrete or asphalt driveways.

Sold as Ribbon Stencil of various sizes or as a stencil-paint kit.

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  • Being a Manufacturer we strive to offer the BEST PAINT! at the BEST PRICE!
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USSC manufactures stencils of any shape or size. Cancer awareness ribbon stencil can be painted with USSC aerosol pink paint or bulk pink latex paint on natural grass or on synthetic turf. We offer several sizes and kits of ribbon stencils. The cancer ribbon stencil is cut out on durable yet foldable 8 mil plastic or on long lasting 1/16" polyethylene. Just roll it out of the box and lay it flat on natural grass, synthetic turf, concrete, asphalt, etc with weights on the corners to hold it in place. Paint through the cut outs, lift up the stencil, connect the dots, fill in the paint and your logo is done. Fold and safely keep the stencil for later use. It will last for years. Best when used with USSC paints that are bright, durable and will not hurt or kill natural grass.

  • One piece construction allows for easy set-up and easy storage.
  • Made of Durable, yet Fold able 8 mil UV stable plastic or 1/16" polyethylene.
  • Call us toll free if you have any questions or special requirements.
  • We can make any modifications or custom make your stencil.
  • Being the manufacturer we keep it in stock or make it same day.
  • Next day expedited delivery if needed.
  • Use with USSC Pink Aerosol Field Marking Paint or Bulk Latex Paint for Best Performance.
  • Promote Cancer awareness, fast, easy, stylish at any location.
  • Need more information, a recommendation or to place an ORDER call 1-800-278-7473 or 1-800-2-STRIPE.