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  • Harden soil dirt clay to a solid compact use on roads parking lots BMX tracks, trails driveways walkways trail.


Liquid Polymer to soak in soil or dirt to harden, compact it to a solid block.
Concentrated liquid polymer specially formulated to be applied to dirt, soil, granite particles to harden, compact, increase cohesive strength. Once cured this specially formulated polymer liquid transforms loose soil substrates to form a solid tough durable three dimensional block. Safe, easy DuraPac dries, cures, and chemically bonds and locks up a variety of substrates to form a strong driving surface. Use to control wear, water and wind erosion.

Priced by the gallon. Packaged in 5 gallon buckets or 55 gallon drums.

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Formulated and manufactured by USSC at its production facility in Atlanta GA, DuraPac is a specially formulated clear polymer to function as a stabilizing agent for soil, dirt and decomposed granite particles. Penetrates the substrate, dries, cures, bonds with soil particles to harden the substrate into a three dimensional stable block. Environmentally friendly product to produce a strong hard surface to resist erosion from water, wind and wear. Packaged in 5 gallon buckets with convenient tear-away lids or in 55 gallon drums or 250 gallon tote tanks.

  • Water based, non flammable, non toxic, high solids, low VOC, environment and user safe.
  • Forms a strong chemical bond with dirt, soil, decomposed granite particles for long term stabilization.
  • Cost effective way to prevent water, wind and wear erosion.
  • Use on roads, parking lots, BMX tracks, trails, driveways, walkways, trail.
  • Formulated and MADE IN THE USA.
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