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  • Aerosol Paint color colorant dye mulch pine straw yard lawn ground cover can.

BEDWORKS aerosol

Aerosol paint repair color rejuvenate lawn painting yard mulch pinestraw.
Aerosol paint to color, paint, rejuvenate, repair landscape lawn mulch, pine straw to look brand new. High solids, low odor, low VOC, high performance aerosol paint that is color matched to be applied on site over old, weathered, bleached mulch, pine straw to protect and beautify. Fast, Economical, convenient way to protect yard lawn mulch, pine straw and looking brand new.

Priced by the case-Twelve cans per case. 20oz. by vol, 18oz. by wt.

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Formulated, tested and manufactured at our facility in Atlanta GA, this product is a concentrated, environmentally friendly, fast dry aerosol colorant, dye, paint to be spray applied on site over old, weathered, bleached mulch, pine straw to protect and beautify. Available in a variety of colors to match the new color of fresh color shades of pine straw, mulch and other ground covers and to make old beds looking like brand new with the effort and expense of completely replacing them. Use clear to water-proof and weather proof new mulch and prolong its service life.

  • Concentrated paint that is color matched to mulch and pine straw.
  • Packaged in convenient aerosol cans to eliminate wastage and for ease of application.
  • Dries fast, water resistant when dry and will not fade.
  • Bonds to and water proofs, weather proofs all kinds of mulch, pine straw, ground cover.
  • When applied properly as per instruction prevents unwanted weed growth.
  • Available in a variety of COLORS and CLEAR.
  • Far less expensive and much easier than replacing the entire mulch, pine straw, ground-cover.
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