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  • Clear solvent based poly urethane coating protective paint durable tough top coat.


CLEAR solvent based one component polyurethane coating.
High performance, solvent based, extremely durable, easy to use, self-curing, approved for interior or exterior use. One component CLEAR polyurethane coating. Easy to mix and spray, designed to wet out and bond tenaciously to a variety of substrates. Dries fast to yield a tough gloss clear coating. Use as a protective coating for unpainted substrates or as a clear coat over painted surfaces as clear protective top coat.
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Manufactured at our facility in Atlanta GA, POLYCOATsb is extremely durable, top quality solvent based acrylic / alkyd / polyurethane co polymeric CLEAR COATING is packaged in 1 gallon or 5 gallon containers. No thinning required ready to use. Product contains high solids and high resin content to yield a very tough, durable, weather resistant, chalk resistant, chip resistant, rust resistant coating when dry. It can be applied on interior or exterior substrates. Even though it is designed for paint metal surfaces it works very well on several other substrates. Use as a protective clear top coating over already painted surfaces. Protects against weathering, scratching, chipping, staining and dirt pick-up. Being solvent based it is flammable. DOES NOT contain any lead, chromium or harmful CFC's.

  • CLEAR, Fast Dry, solvent base, High Solids.
  • Polyurethane Resin for exterior Durability, Good Adhesion, Flexibility, Non-chalking, Chip and Flake resistant.
  • Paint / Coat directly over concrete, wood, metal surfaces without need for elaborate surface preparation.
  • Paint over already painted surfaces as a clear, compatible clear protective top coating.
  • Top coating protects base coat against weathering, scratching, chipping, staining, tire marks, dirt pick up.
  • High Performance, easy to use, no need of mixing two components as with 2C catalyzed polyurethanes.
  • Being solvent base, it is a FLAMMABLE product. Please use caution and safety procedures.
  • Formulated and MADE IN THE USA.
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