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  • Electric battery operated athletic field marking line striping paint spray machine.

Newstripe EcoLiner Plus

Battery operated electric athletic field line marking paint striping machine.
Battery operated electric Athletic Field Striping Machine to spray USSC Athletic Field Marking Paint AS#10. Super concentrate water based paint that is specifically designed to be thinned with 4 parts of water to easily spray without any undue pressure on the battery, pump, filters or the spray tips. Additives in the paint actually prolong the life of this battery operated machine. Environmentally safe, ideal for striping, line marking soccer, football, lacrosse athletic fields.
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  • Quick release clamp allows easy removal of spray gun for effortless painting of stencil with a 10' length hose.
  • Easy to use. Simply place the 5 gallon pail of premixed paint and you are ready to spray.
  • Equipped with quick charge 120V plug in battery charger to provide the fastest charging times.
  • No pressurized tanks. No need to release pressure to add paint or clean.
  • Easy to clean-up. Just flush clean water through the machine hoses and spray tips.
  • Specially designed spray nozzles that paint high quality lines. Line width adjustable from 2"-6".
  • Installed with No Flat Tires, that have knobby tread for rigors of uneven athletic fields.
  • MOST Economical and efficient when used with USSC's AQUASTRIPE #10 super concentrate Field Marking Paint.
  • AQUA STRIPE #10 super concentrate field paint can be easily thinned with up to 4 parts of water.
  • AQUA STRIPE #10 paint will not exert undue pressure on the Battery, pump, tips or the filter.
  • Additives in AQUA STRIPE #10 are specifically added for paint not to settle and to prolong the life of the machine.
  • Produces bright durable lines from every angle. Coats both sides of grass blade in a single pass.
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