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  • No zinc eco friendly clear durable tough floor finish polish wax


High performance, eco friendly, zinc free, Green Floor finish wax polish.
High performance, low odor, floor wax / finish / polish that is zinc metal free, environmentally safe. Forms good initial gloss that does not fade. No hazing or other drying issues even though it is zinc free. Forms a high scuff resistant, tough, durable, protective finish that can be buffed or high speed burnished. Available in zero VOC, zero phosphates, zero metal cross link versions. Safe for use on all flooring materials including VCT, synthetic tiles and laminate floors.

priced by the gallon. Packaged in 1 gallon or 5 gallon containers.

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WHITE TIGER is high performance, eco friendly, zinc free, green, proprietary floor finish / wax / polish formulated by experienced USFT's Research and Development Chemists at its laboratory and test floor facility in Alpharetta, GA. WHITE TIGER is specifically designed to form a strong, tough, durable, protective finish without the use of heavy zinc metal cross-linker. This floor polish is easy to use, spreads and performs well and is completely strippable. We recommend to wait three days before burnishing. Wet film can be forced dried with fan. Upon request can be formulated in zero VOC, zero phosphates, zero heavy metals. Contains NO METALS that are a problem for waste water treatment plants.

  • Zinc free, Eco friendly, Green Floor finish / wax / polish.
  • Easy to use, Easy to spread, Easy to strip, Low odor, High Solids 25% by weight.
  • Can be forced fried with a fan. Forms a clear dry non yellowing film when dry.
  • Scuff and black heel mark resistant, Resists clear scuffing. Clear protective finish.
  • Can be high speed burnished weekly, No swirling, even with aggressive polishing pads.
  • Formulated for use on high traffic areas viz. Hallways, Entrances, Lobbies.
  • Use on VCT ( Vinyl Composite Tiles ), linoleum floors in Schools, Hospitals, Super markets, Grocery Stores.
  • Superior performance, reasonably priced.
  • We are experts at formulating, production of floor finishes, We can custom formulate if needed.
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