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  • aerosol floor wax baseboard polish finish remover gel stripper


Aerosol wax stripper, removes floor polishes finishes from baseboards.
Aerosol baseboard stripper, removes years of accumulated floor polishes, waxes and finishes. Water based, gel consistency, clings on to vertical or to textured surfaces for better surface contact for efficient removal. Use on baseboards, vinyl cove moldings of walls. Can also be used on shower doors, toilets and urinals to remove soap scum.

priced by the case. Twelve 20 ounce cans per case.

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STRIPWORKS is a water based, gel consistency, aerosol wax / polish / sealer / finish remover, stripper formulated by experienced USFT's Research and Development Chemists at its laboratory and test floor facility in Alpharetta. STRIPWORKS is easy to use, just shake can, spray and let soak. The water-based formula is comparatively safe and contains special fragrance that smells pleasant. The gel consistency helps it clings on to vertical surfaces like baseboard other vertical substrates for it to have maximum surface area contact. It will penetrate, loosen, lift up, remove, strip all types of strippable floor finishes, waxes, polishes and sealers.

  • Water based, gel consistency, aerosol floor finish / sealer / wax / polish stripper.
  • Easy to use, just shake can and spray, Pleasant scented odor.
  • Spray on vertical baseboard surface, let soak, remove / strip old finish, sealer, polish.
  • Reasonably priced from manufacturer, chemists who formulate and involved in production.
  • We are experts at formulating, production of floor strippers. We can custom formulate if needed.
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