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  • Strips Removes floor polish finish waxes neutral pH user friendly.


Strips Removes floor polish floor wax without problems of high pH.
Extremely concentrated Floor wax / polish / sealer / finish stripper. Works great even when diluted with 30 parts of water. Strips, removes all metal cross-linked floor finishes, waxes, polishes and sealers. Low odor, low foam, spreads easy without alligatoring, BUT can ONLY be diluted WITH COLD WATER. Three times more concentrated than conventional strippers. QUALIFIES for LEEDS CREDIT.

priced by the gallon. Packaged in 1 gallon or 5 gallon containers.

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MI-2 is a super concentrated floor wax / polish / sealer / finish remover, stripper formulated by experienced USFT's Research and Development Chemists at its laboratory and test floor facility in Alpharetta, GA. MI-2 is extremely concentrated, three times as concentrated than conventional strippers. It can be diluted with 30 parts of water, but also needs to be handled extremely carefully and by experience, trained personnel only, Dilutes with COLD WATER ONLY, but does not have the PH and other corrosive properties of conventional high caustic based strippers.  Has relatively low odor, creates very little foam, spreads uniformly on the floor without alligatoring or " retracting ". Qualifies for LEED credit.

  • Specially formulated super concentrated floor wax, floor polish stripper.
  • Easy to use, Easy to use, Low odor, Can be diluted by 30 parts of water and still be effective.
  • Low foam, dilutes with COLD WATER ONLY, spreads evenly on the floor.
  • Does NOT have HIGH PH and is less corrosive than similar super concentrated floor strippers.
  • Less stripper is needed at each site so transport, packaging, waste costs are minimized.
  • Qualifies for LEEDS credit.
  • Superior performance, reasonably priced.
  • We are experts at formulating, production of floor strippers. We can custom formulate if needed.
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