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  • Rejuvenate cleans protects floor finish restorer vinyl tile floor polish wax restore maintainer.


Cleans, restores, rejuvenates, protects damaged floor finishes / waxes / polishes.
Unique formulation that works as a floor finish cleaner, restorer, maintainer, protectant in one step. Concentrated product must be diluted before use. Once applied high speed burnishing is needed. For use on most types of floor finishes. Safe on all flooring surfaces and substrates. Can be applied on laminate flooring and burnished for effective results.

priced by the gallon. Packaged in 1 gallon or 5 gallon containers.

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REWORKS is a uniquely formulated floor finish / wax / polish cleaner, restorer, rejuvenator, formulated by experienced USFT's Research and Development Chemists at its laboratory and test floor facility in Alpharetta. GA. REWORKS is a concentrated product, must be diluted with at least 10 parts of water before use. Can be applied with all conventional methods, good quality mop or a micro fiber pad. Once dry it can be polished with a high speed burnished ( 1500 rpm + ). It can be applied over and is compatible with other brand name finishes might be applied on the floor. REWORKS fills in scratches and brings back vibrant gloss and shine. It further seals and protect the floor finish from stains, reduces buffing pad " swirling ". Reduces black heel marks, scratches, improves original shine, does not powder, extends stripping cycle, slows finish buildup. Successfully used on Laminates, Linoleum, Slate, Concrete, Tiles, No Wax flooring, Vinyl, Terrazzo, Quarry tiles, Marble.

  • Fills in scratches, restores the gloss, the appearance and the traction of old damaged floors.
  • Seals and protects against future damage of the restored floor finish.
  • Easy to use, Easy to spread, Low odor, Easy to burnish polish and clean.
  • Tested to be compatible with all USFT floor finishes and most other brand name finishes-polishes.
  • Reduces black heel marks, scratches, does not powder, improves upon the original shine of the finish.
  • Safe and effective on most commonly used floor finishes, waxes, polishes.
  • Will not damage the base substrate and the clear restored finish will not turn yellow overtime.
  • Great for use on laminate flooring.
  • Reasonably priced from manufacturer, chemists who formulate and involved in production.
  • Superior performance, reasonable pricing.
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