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  • Synthetic turf track repair kit two component epoxy polyurethane system adhesive glue
  • kit adhesive glue synthetic turf fix small damage repairs.
    Two component gun, 3 product cartridges, 6 static mixers.
  • kit to fix torn peeling synthetic field turf running track adhesive repair logos peeling torn lines
    Once mixed and applied, torn synthetic turf fixed in 1 hour.

Synthetic Turf, rubber track repair kit

Two component adhesive to repair synthetic turf fields, running tracks.
Easy to use, Do It Yourself DIY repair kit ( includes gun, glue, mixing tips ) that is based on a two component, catalyzed adhesive that is specifically formulated for both inexperienced synthetic turf field customers as well as seasoned installers to make small, quick repairs to torn / damaged turf or peeling sewed in lines and logos. Once mixed, using the dual cartridge gun and the static mixers this extremely strong, durable, permanent adhesive sets up within an hour.

$ 95 per kit.

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Certified by the Synthetic Turf Council STC a useful repair kit that can used by experienced synthetic turf installers or DIY grounds keeper / stadium maintenance crew to quickly and permanently repair synthetic turf rips, pulled up seam separation, sewed in lines or logos on artificial turf athletic fields. Successfully used to repair damaged rubber running tracks. Everything needed to make the repairs is included in the kit. Extra adhesive cartridges can be purchased directly form USSC.

  • Tough, durable, catalyzed, two component, proven performance adhesive system.
  • Everything needed to make permanent repairs is included in the kit.
  • KIT includes 3 cartridges, 6 static mixing tips, 1 two component dispensing gun.
  • Easy to use, proper and through mixing done by the two component gun and static mixer tubes.
  • Can be used by experienced synthetic turf installers, as well as inexperienced customers.
  • Repair turf tears, peeling turf, seam separation, loose sewn in lines and logos. 
  • Safe to use on filament synthetic turf athletic fields, astro truf or rubber running tracks.
  • Fast setting. Will cure even in damp conditions. Play can resume in an hour.
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