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  • Turf tank tiny mobile robot temporary removable chalk paint for painting lines on synthetic turf
  • manufacturer temporary removable lines on synthetic turf using field marking robot.
    Special Temporary Chalk for painting lines on synthetic turf.
  • colors temporary removable chalk lines for lacrosse soccer football line marking with field marking robots.
    USSC manufactures several colors of temporary RoboCHALK.
  • temporary removable painting lines using autonomous turf tank tmr on synthetic turf.
    RoboCHALK lines will wash away or can easily be removed.

RoboCHALK concentrate

Removable, temporary CHALK for field painting ROBOTS on synthetic turf.
Temporary line marking liquid CHALK to paint athletic field lines on synthetic turf with all types of autonomous ROBOTS. Efficiently paint temporary lines, logos on synthetic turf that can easily be removed later without any problems. Tested, approved, recommended by all ROBOT manufacturers. Used by hundreds of soccer associations, high school coaches, professional team ground keepers, colleges, universities, parks recreations athletic field superintendents.
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Formulated and manufactured by USSC at its production facility in Atlanta GA, RoboCHALK available in BRIGHT WHITE and several COLORS is a top quality, safe, water base paint designed for use in autonomous ROBOTS for painting temporary lines on athletic fields without any application issues. Certified and approved by ROBOT manufacturers. It will not harm any type of synthetic turf. Specially formulated to minimize clogging of the ROBOT filters or spray tips. It contains special additives that make it go through the ROBOT easier without any undue strain on the low pressure pumps or batteries.

  • Available as a concentrate to save shipping costs, storage space and control wastage of plastic containers.
  • If required also available is RoboCHALK Ready To Spray RTS / RTU for saving time and effort before spray.
  • CAUTION: This formulation DOES NOT contain any type of BINDER, LATEX or RESIN. Thousands of gallons of this RoboCHALK formula has been successfully used. Only under certain unusual conditions, like extreme heat where the lines can get baked in the substrate or on substrates with odd ball surface treatments, there is a possibility of staining. In these unusual cases where the staining occurs, it is only temporary and will wear away with time. Since every application is different, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND new customers try out a small test area first and get familiar with the correct application and the proper removal of this product.
  • Extremely Good Quality Field Chalk with Superior Hiding, Brightness and Durability.
  • Will not excessively settle during shipping, storage or during use.
  • Years of track record in use with TURF TANK, TINY LITTLE MOBILE ROBOT and many other autonomous athletic field painting machines.
  • Formulated and MADE IN THE USA.
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Available Colors

Chalk Orange
Chalk Red
Navy Blue
Chalk Blue