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  • Field Marking Paint
  • Athletic Field Marking Spray paint T tip.
    USSC "T" spray tip to spray crisp wide athletic field lines.
  • Football Field Logo striping paint.
    We are the leading manufacturer of field marking paints.
  • Athletic field marking pain bright colors.
    We offer top quality aerosol or bulk paints, custom stencils.
  • Football Field Natural Grass Turf Aerosol Marking Paint.
    We manufacture both Aerosol & Latex 5 gallon grass paints.
  • Aerosol field marking paint
    US flag painting in progress using USSC paint and stencil.
  • Aerosol field marking paint logo stencil
    US flag painted using USSC aerosol paint and stencil.
  • Aerosol Paint Colors synthetic field turf.
    DURASTRIPE as permanent logo paint for synthetic turf.
  • Field Marking Aerosol Paint.
    Only company that offers 100 colors of aerosol field paint.
  • Red White Blue Aerosol Field Marking Paint Flag stencil.
    Safe, easy to use aerosol field paint for natural grass.
  • Soccer Field Marking Aerosol White Paint.
    Soccer Field Marking Paint that will not hurt natural grass.
  • Aerosol Paint for painting mid field logo stencils event names on grass or turf
    Safely and easily paint logos on natural grass or synthetic turf.
  • painting line logo on synthetic turf for special events games
    Easily paint field lines or custom logos for special events.
  • custom color field marking paint special stencils.
    USSC manufactures over 100 colors and custom stencils.
  • buy direct custom cut logo grass stencils color paints.
    Call 1-800-278-7473 or 1-800-2-STRIPE.
  • Baseball Field Marking Paint.
    Baseball Batters Box Paint - Works great on damp dirt.
  • Baseball Field Marking Paint.
    Used by high schools, colleges, minor and major leagues.
  • Baseball field paint behind home plate logo stencil.
    Bright, Durable Aerosol baseball field paint and logo stencil.
  • Aerosol Field Marking Paint Machine.
    Bright White Durable field line paint, SSAT striping machine.
  • Aerosol-Field-Marking-Paint.
    USSC aerosol paint | spray wands | US flag stencil.
  • Aerosol_field_marking_paint
    DURASTRIPE is the BEST aerosol field marking paint.
  • Football field paint aerosol paint colors.
    Bright colors of DURA STRIPE aerosol field marking paint.
  • aerosol field marking paint endzone painting stencil.
    We have the color you want or we will custom match.
  • Synthetic turf aerosol marking paint colors.
    Permanent aerosol paint colors for synthetic field turf.
  • aerosol athletic field paints.
    USSC promotional stencils and top quality aerosol paint.
  • Aerosol Field marking paint striping machine.
    White aerosol field marking paint and SSAT striping machine.
  • synthetic field turf logo painting.
    DURASTRIPE aerosol paint and logo stencil for astroturf.
  • aerosol baseball aerosol field paint.
    Baseball field logo stencils, bright safe durable aerosol paints.
  • Ribbon Stencil Aerosol Paint.
    Patriotic Ribbon stencil, USSC Red White Blue aerosol paints.
  • Soccer Field Aerosol Blue Marking Paint.
    Handicap Blue shows up best on dormant brown grass.
  • Red White Blue Aerosol paint US flag stencil.
    USSC is Proud to provide the US stencil and paint.
  • Bright Colors aerosol football logo stencil paint.
    Mid field logo stencil, Bright Red and Black aerosol field paint.
  • aerosol paint stencil to paint logo on rubber running track
    DuraStripe aerosol color paint on rubber track.
  • Football Field Aerosol Striping Paint Royal Blue.
    USSC football midfield logo stencil and aerosol field paint.
  • Aerosol Line Field striping aerosol paint.
    Sharp Stripe 10 - SS10, DuraStripe white aerosol field paint.
  • Aerosol Line Marking Striping Paint colors.
    Few of DURASTRIPE colors, we have over 100 in stock.
  • Soccer Field Aerosol Paint White.
    Bright Durable Safe Soccer Field Marking Aerosol Paint.
DURASTRIPE field marking paint
Aerosol field marking paint for line marking soccer football baseball fields
DURASTRIPE aerosol paint is specifically formulated to be safe for the environment and the user. It has the lowest VOCs and the highest percent solids. DURASTRIPE is the most durable, toughest, water proof athletic field marking paint, yet it will not kill, hurt or turn natural grass brown. Proven performance for past 30 years, the BEST PAINT to mark lines, logos, signs, stencils on natural grass athletic fields Football, Soccer, Baseball, Lacrosse, Field Hockey.

Priced by the case-Twelve cans per case. 20oz by vol, 18oz by weight.

  • High volume / established Customers please call us for special pricing.
  • Being a Manufacturer we strive to offer the BEST PAINT at the BEST PRICE.
  • To locate a USSC sales rep. or a Distributor in your area, Please call us toll free.
  • We can match any Paint Coating Primer Sealer Janitorial Product.
  • Want to distribute USSC products or be a sales rep. Please contact us.

This high performance, proprietary aerosol paint formula is manufactured by USSC at its production facility in Atlanta, GA. DURASTRIPE aerosols are safe for the environment and the user. It is specifically formulated to have the lowest VOCs Volatile Organic Compounds, the highest percent solids, highest brightness, and the most durability than any paint in its category. It will not harm, kill or brown any type of natural grass. DURASTRIPE aerosol paint sprays very crisp, sharp lines, and the aerosol cans will empty completely and will not clog. Packaged as twelve 20 ounce by volume, 18 ounces by weight cans per case.

DURASTRIPE is also available in 26 ounce by weight, FAT cans. The extra 26 ounce fill size, cuts down the price per unit ounce of the paint and also reduces the number of cans needed per application. USSC's aerosol striping machines are designed to fit and spray both our regular cans and fat cans. Our universal " T " tip design fits most machines and will spray a 2 to 4 inch wide adjustable line. DuraStripe is also available in narrow, cylindrical " UMA " tips. If there are any questions, we have several qualified customer care representatives who can help.

DURASTRIPE is available in the Brightest White and over 80 brilliant standard colors and custom colors if needed.

  • Convenient to use, Easy SETUP, Easy CLEANUP.
  • Use as line marking paint on Natural Grass. Will not kill, hurt or brown any variety of natural grass.
  • Use as permanent Traffic line marking paint. DuraStripe has excellent durability and will bond to all types of substrates.
  • Use as semi permanent marking paint on synthetic turf. Will not hurt the synthetic turf and has good adhesion to all types of synthetic turf filaments.
  • For long term permanent markings on synthetic turf, use stronger proprietary formula PERMATURF in aerosol or bulk.
  • Use as permanent line marking paint in warehouses - use with our clear aerosol top coat for extra durability.
  • Formulated and MADE IN THE USA.
  • For more information, a recommendation or to place an ORDER call 1-800-2-STRIPE or 1-800-278-7473.

Available Colors

Custom Color
Fluorescent Red
Fluorescent Pink
Vandy Gold
Las Vegas Gold
Old Gold
F-T Orange
Syracuse Orange
Cardinal Red
Royal Purple
Navy Blue
Tar Hill Blue
H.C. Blue
Royal Blue
Augusta Green
Turf Green
BT Orange
Fluorescent Green
Fluorescent Orange

Custom colors requires a minimum order. Please call us at 800-278-7473 for more details.

Click to view our custom colors