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  • Field marking paint in aerosol cans for line marking painting lines logos athletic fields

COACHES STRIPE line marking paint

Bright, white, durable, PREMIUM grade athletic field line marking paint.
Experience top-tier performance with COACHES STRIPE aerosol field marking paint. Specifically designed for natural grass, it offers high solids, low VOCs, and premium raw materials. Easy to use with no setup or cleanup time, this waterproof paint maintains grass integrity while marking lines, logos, and signs on football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, and field hockey fields. Elevate your athletic surfaces with COACHES STRIPE for lasting quality and professional results.

Priced by the case, Twelve cans per case. 20oz by vol, 18oz by weight.

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Unlock the pinnacle of field marking excellence with COACHES STRIPE, this high performance aerosol field paint is meticulously crafted by USSC at its state of the art production facility in Atlanta, Georgia USA. This proprietary paint formulation is gentle yet powerful, high performance but at same time ensuring it will not harm, kill, or brown any type of natural grass.

Experience the crispness of sharply defined lines as COACHES STRIPE delivers professional grade results with every spray. Our aerosol paint cans are designed for maximum efficiency, completely emptying without clogging spray tips. Each package contains twelve 20 ounce cans by volume, 18 ounces by weight, ensuring you have an ample supply for your field marking needs.

For larger projects, COACHES STRIPE is also available in 26 ounce FAT cans, offering more paint per can and reducing both cost and the number of cans required per application. Our universal "T" tip design fits most striping machines, allowing for adjustable 2 to 4-inch wide lines. Additionally, our narrow, cylindrical UMA spray tips offer further versatility for your marking requirements.

Convenience is key with COACHES STRIPE, as our Ready to Use aerosol cans require no setup and easy cleanup. Whether you're marking lines on natural grass or synthetic turf, COACHES STRIPE delivers bright, durable lines suitable for football, soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey fields. Rest assured, our formula is made in the USA, meeting the highest quality standards.

For more information, personalized recommendations, or to place an order, contact our USSC qualified customer care representatives at 1-800-2-STRIPE or 1-800-278-7473

Available Colors

Fluorescent Orange
Old Gold
Royal Purple
Navy Blue
H.C. Blue
Royal Blue