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                                  BARN & FENCE COATING
Premium quality water based acrylic latex coating for wooden fences, posts and planks fortified with asphalt emulsion for flexibility, durability and chip resistance. Formulated with top quality acrylic resin, asphalt and mildew resistant pigments.
• High Performance, water-based, low VOC ( volatile organic compounds ) water-based protective coating
• Works on all types of wooden posts, wooden fence, wooden planks and wooden barns
• Dries and cures fast to form a extremely durable, long lasting coating
• Coverage 100 - 250 square feet per gallon depending on the porosity of the surface. 3 & 4 board plank fence, for both sides coverage - 16 lineal feet per gallon
• Available in black and colors
Restore, beautify, protect and extend the life of asphalt surfaces with Duraseal. This safe, easy to apply, economically priced coating dries fast to prevent tracking and staining. Use on asphalt parking lots, driveways, streets, roads, asphalt roofs or any concrete substrate. Unlike typical seal coatings DURASEAL does not need heat during application.
• Dries fast. No prolonged down times. No tracking or staining after application
• Recommended for parking lots, driveways, cart paths or any asphalt surface
• Available in asphalt black, concrete gray, heat reflective gray, white, safety green and clear
• Federal studies have shown white paint on parking lots reflects the suns heat and reduces global warming
• Available in 5 gallon buckets or 55 gallon drums
An easy to use, fast-drying patch for potholes in asphalt. Super tough, extremely durable and applied in just 4 easy steps. Repaired areas can be immediately open to traffic. For use on walkways, driveways, bike paths, parking lots, bridge decks and highways. Made with vegetable-based ingredients for environmental sustainability.
    • Made from renewable oils, VOC free, tough, water activated, durable, permanent and cost effective asphalt pothole repair
• Contains NO leachable asphalt, coal tar, petroleum oil cutbacks or environmentally harmful solvents
• Not affected by weather conditions during application. No problems applying in rainy, sunny, hot, cold or moist conditions
• Just spread evenly in the pothole or damaged areas, spray water to initiate cure, tamper down, let it harden and it’s done
• Fast application, instant cure and hardness eliminates the need for extensive traffic control expense and down time
• Can be top coated with one of our anti-skid, durable, fast dry, asphalt or concrete coatings
Clean Pothole
Apply Product
   Add Water

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