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 TURFWORKS Concentrated Field & Course Colorant
                                    Dyes & Colorants
   Beautify your brown, dormant, unhealthy grass, athletic surface or golf greens...
TurfWorks is a super-concentrated, environmentally friendly, long lasting, fast-drying colorant formulated to beautify dormant or unhealthy grass back to a natural green. Turfworks is available in several tints and will resist fading from UV exposure. Turfworks can be applied using boom or backpack sprayers. Visit for specifications, mixing ratios and FAQ’s.
• Super Concentrate, Mix with up to 15 parts of water
• Dries fast, water-resistant when dry and will not fade, turn blue,or flake from the grass blades • TURFWORKS can be applied on all types of natural surfaces
• Far less expensive than over- seeding
• Used on golf courses, soccer fields, home yards, commercial lawns
• Great for special events
• Available in 1, 2.5 or 5 gallon pails, 55 Gallon drums, or 350 Gallon totes
Coverage area will depend on the dilution ratio, the height of the grass to be painted, and speed of the applicator used.
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