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                                 Soccer Accessories
         TOM® (Training Opponent Mannequin)
TOM can be used in a variety of ways to complement both skill training and conditioning drills. The most standard use for the Training Opponent Mannequin is for free kick or corner kick training, but TOM can be used as a defender for specific goalkeeper training, for spacing drills for field players, as well as an obstacle for speed drills with or without a ball. The 16B27 Training Opponent Mannequin is made in the USA.
Kwik Goal Corner Flags
The 6B1404 Premier Corner Flags meet NCAA and NFHS standards. The Premier Corner Flags stand 60” H and has a 1” round pole. The black weighted bases make this flag all-surface friendly. The Premier Corner Flags are available in red or pink. Single assembled flag pole weight: 8.5 lbs.
Game Cones
Easily haul the cone to the court or playing field thanks to the flexible, latex-free PVC construction. With the ability to be stacked, the cone can be placed on top of other ones and tucked away in between each use. Sets = 5 cones. Available 12”, 18”, 28”
or 36”
Air TOM®
Say hello to Air TOM®, a member of the Training Opponent Mannequin® family. Air TOM® features many of the same capabilities as the standard TOM®, yet is easier to store and transport as it can be easily inflated and deflated (inflator sold separately).
During goalkeeper training, Air TOM® can provide a safer barrier when in its base, and can be easily removed and used as a blocking pad for bumping goalkeepers in more aggressive training simulation.
  TOM® Training Dolly
Air TOM® is all-surface friendly thanks to its rubber-coated steel base.
    Reflex Soccer Corner Flags
Orienting corners for flag installation and perimeter lining, the Reflex Soccer Corner Flags play an integral part in the game and this set gets the job done. The corners serve not only as markers on the field, but they additionally act as reference points for the players. Included with this set are 4 corner flags along with 4 ground sockets.
Low/High Profile Cones
Great for drills, games, and races. Coaches and teachers will definitely see tons of uses for these large profile cones. Soft and flexible, cones can stack for super easy storage. Each cone is 6”H x 11” diameter. Sold in package of
one dozen. *Cone carrier available separately, it will hold up to
70 cones.
Spring Loaded Corner Flags
• Available in sets with four or six flags to orient just the corners or the corners and the midfield, and comes with or without ground sockets for reliable anchoring on the pitch
• Used on most regulation soccer fields to outline the perimeter and mark the location for corner kicks Spring loaded corner flags that “give” when contacted by a player and return upright automatically
Corner Flag Carry Bag
• Carries corner flags or coaching sticks
• Black Only

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